Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Biebs

Just a quick post to show you a finished project and to vent about something.  First the venting.

So, Paul and I were waiting for The Biggest Loser to come on last night and we watched the last few minutes of the Michael Buble Christmas special.  Justin Beiber (or The Beibs, as Brian Williams on NBC calls him --- I just love Brian Williams.  He's so funny.) was a guest singer.  He came out on stage to greet Michael and when he reached up to hug him, his sweater rose up in the back and you could see his underwear and the fact that his pants were buckled/belted below his butt.  On purpose.  I. Hate. That.  (On national tv!  Isn't his mother watching out for him since he's only like 12.  Ok, I know he's older than that.)  And as he was singing, he had to hold on to the front of his pants so they wouldn't fall off.  Ridiculous.

I just don't understand this "fashion statement" and why it's actually persisting.  It looks terribly uncomfortable and who wants to go around holding onto their pants to make sure they don't fall down?  Actually, they don't... I was in a nail salon once and another patron's (who was sitting in front of me) boyfriend came along to sit down and when he did, his pants were so low that I could actually see through his legs.  He apparently didn't feel like he needed to pull them up, even a little bit.  I bet as the day went on they were down to his ankles and he was still walking around, thinking he looked cool.  Ridiculous, I tell you!

I've been thinking about that all day.  On to other stuff....

Mukluks are finished!

YAY!  Cross them off the list.  Boy does that feel good.  I was getting a little (a lot) tired of knitting the same pattern over and over and over and over.  And over (made 5 pairs).  But they came out great and I'm excited to gift them at Christmas to all my little friends.

Only a little more Christmas knitting left to do.  One small adult project and then two small projects for my two littlest friends.


  1. Mukluks are BEAUTEOUS !
    BTW ..... RE "The Beibs" : It's called " Indecent exposure" - eeeuw, & ugh!!!
    I'm with you : Brian Williams is riotous ! :0)

  2. I was hoping the droopy pants would go away. It's been around for more than 8 years. Who knew it would have such longevity. Thanks to Bieber it has more life.
    Nice mukkluks! Great presents.