Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Sunday Afternoon Project

Deirdre, at The Spinning Room Yarn Shop, called me the other day to see if I would come take a look at a lace, mohair shawl that needed some repair.  It was gorgeous ---- except for the holes that the new puppy chewed into it.  UGH!

I met the customer at the shop and she told me she had purchased the shawl St. Petersburg, Russia over 20 years ago, and that she really wants to be able to pass this shawl down to her children/grandchildren.  Talk about pressure!  She said she even had pictures of her now-grown grandchildren wrapped in the shawl when they were little.  Talk about sentimental pressure!

I have some experience in repairing, mostly my own things but nothing to this extent (you'll see what I mean soon...). Usually it's things that are unraveling, not chewed with lots of little ends hanging out. I did a little research online but didn't find too much to help me.  My basic plan of attack was to rescue dropping stitches weaving the loose ends through them and tying in the loose ends the best I could.

So, today I broke out the shawl and sat at the kitchen table for a few hours.  Here is what I did:

Hole #1 Before:
 Hole #1 After:
Can't really see it right?  I know!  My plan was working...

Hole #2 Before:
 Hole #2 After:
Can't really see it right?  I know! Double yay!

Big Gaping Hole #3 Before:
 Big Gaping Hole #3 After:
Can't really see it because the picture is so dim, right?  I know!... my camera was turned to manual (forgot about that - I had been experimenting with my new how-to-take-pictures book....)

Whole Shawl After (and for some reason, upside down):
That #3 was a doozy.  I'm pretty happy with the results of all three.  #3 is more noticeable than the others but it was such a gaping hole that I could only do so much.  Hopefully the customer will be happy!


  1. wow!! double WOW triple WOW! looks like you work very well under pressure.......I cannot imagine that the customer would not be happy with this, I find it interesting that I spent several hours last night and more today trying to fix a basic cotton ($$30.) school sweater for my second grader its the 3rd!!! one that he has ripped quite badly this school year.......... His 3 older brothers combined have maybe done 3 total in 10 yrs, I gave up today the 3rd and biggest rip was just too far gone.........but maybe I might just "retry" after reading this! I think I am going to cheat and put material under the rip, he has just torn too many and I have insisted many times that he MUST stop wearing the sweater to recess. (yes he is donating some allowance towards the next sweater) WOW! again on your repair! hum...........if only you lived closer..

  2. HEY, y10kay ! :O) - Why not have Lizzy fix the sweater hahahahahahahahah!!! ... Lizzy, you're sooooo talented ! BRAVO !!! , the shawl looks beauteous .:))). Xo, me (sypotz)

    1. trust me if the postal rates were lower it would already be on its way! wow This job is SOOO amazing Liz

  3. You did a great job repairing the shawl!!!

  4. Great work! Impressive!

  5. Liz--Good job--I have done sweater repairs and the only guarantee I make to the owner is that I can fix it so nothing more will come "undone"--and will do my best to make it look okay--You achieved both! I don't like alterations of any kind--would rather sew or knit from scratch than repair!! joan aka qxerox