Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Ok, so in the grand scheme of failures, this may not be epic, but it felt like it that day.....
I put the tomato plants outside "for a little while" to get them used to the climate, like the book/website/newsletter told me to.   Then..... I forgot about them.  I said to myself as I put them outside, "You really should set a timer so you remember to get them."  And I replied, "It's only a little while.  I'll remember."  HA!  Three to four hours later, Paul comes home and asks why the tomato plants are outside and did I know they were drooping?  AAAAAARRRRGH!  And on top of that?  I had put them in the SUN and apparently I was supposed to put them in the SHADE to begin with.  And on top of that? I don't think I had given them enough fake light anyway because they really didn't seem to be growing any bigger in recent days.  I did try to bring them inside and revive them (i.e. see if they picked themselves up.), to no avail.

So, it was off to Gade Farm to buy some vegetable plants to plant in the garden:
So, we have Brandywine and Early Girl tomatoes (A LOT.  10 plants.), lettuce, carrots, one zucchini plant, bush beans, pumkins and potatoes.  I've never tried to grow potatoes, lettuce or carrots so we'll see how those go.  And yes, i went ahead and put the pumpkins IN the garden with the others.  It's only a couple of seeds and I put them in a corner so I can try to control the vines.  I just couldn't find another spot for them.  No comments about aaaaaaaaallllll that grass in the background please.   Apparently there are mowing practicalities to consider.

So that was gardening news.

In Knitting News:
I started a new project for a summer class, the Lintilla scarf.
A very pretty, ruffley scarf made with fingering weight yarn and size 4 needles (i'm using Mini Mochi sock yarn).  I'm afraid this picture does not do the colors justice.  I was trying to get a picture outside on a cloudy day and it just looks like mud right now.  It's actually a pretty mauve and muted celery green.

And a sneek peek of one of my secret projects is in the upper right hand corner.  That's all you get, though.

In Book News:
I'm still reading The Mockingjay, the third Hunger Games book.  I know!  What the heck is taking so long?  I'm enjoying it, but just haven't had/made time to read it.  It wasn't dragging me in like the others.    I got a couple of hand-me-down James Patternson books that I haven't read yet, so I'm looking forward to those at some point.  Also,  just got a recommendation during a knitting class I was teaching last Saturday:  Sarah's Key  Several of the women had read it and it sounds intriguing (but sad).  Anyone read it?

In Other News:
The ice cream tally has increased.  We've been to Martha's Dandee Creme in Lake George (again - I had pistachio soft serve which was yummy), a place near Brimfield which wasn't terrific, and another place I can't remember.

And finally, an appropriate quote for my gardening woes:
Being defeated is often a temporary condition.  Giving up is what makes it permanent.
- Marilyn Vos Savant
I'm not giving up! (I'll resort to buying all my vegetables, like in the good old days, if I have to...)


  1. good luck with the tomatoes! I'm sure they'll be yummy.

  2. Lizzy: Only buy those plants that are ready for the garden ... we want to keep people in JOBS :) - that's my rationaliztion, even for doing "take-out" from the best of restaurants hehehe ! xo, me

  3. I didn't know about the book, "Sarah's Key", until I saw the movie, which I recommend. That and "Of Gods and Men" were by far the best movies I saw last year.
    Lintilla is very pretty; I have qeued another pattern of hers.

  4. Hey - have you tried the farmer's mkt in Menands? - amazing stuff there!