Thursday, November 10, 2011

Babies, Books and Bling (the knitting kind of bling)

A few weeks ago, I started my new 1/2 time job -- nannying my new niece and nephew!  Paul's brother and his wife welcomed Michaela and Benjamin on July 28 (which is also their dad's birthday!).  For months before they were born, their parents were searching for a day care provider.  They were having trouble finding a place that had two infant openings, as well as part time openings.  They were also having trouble with the idea of leaving the babies with strangers.  As they knew that I was selling the yarn shop, they jokingly asked if I would be available.  Much to their surprise, I said I would think about it!  Then Paul and I talked about it.  Then I decided to do it.

What a difference from being a social worker and owning a yarn shop!  All my "work" stories for Paul are now about poop.  And how cute Benjamin and Michaela are.  And while, at times, things can get a little hairy --- when both are screaming and I'm triaging who needs me first --- or when they both poop at the same time (yes, that happened) ---  they are very sweet and it's been fun getting to know them.  Stay tuned for more on this...

In other news, I just finished reading Mad River Road by Joy Feilding (Mad River Road: A Novel).
 OMG.  So. Suspenseful.  It made me uncomfortable.  But I loved it.  I haven't read a Joy Fielding book in a long time.  They are always suspenseful.  For some reason I don't mind suspenseful books (maybe because I can put them down and resume reading whenever I want) but I can't stand suspenseful movies. Kind of hard to turn off a rented movie and go back to it later when you are watching it with someone else (ok, unless I'm with Paul and he would be his usual patient self -- but still, a little annoying of me).  I went to see the "new" Cape Fear many years ago in the movies and I almost left the movie theater because the suspense made me so uncomfortable.   Robert DeNiro hanging onto the bottom of the car that drove hours away on the highway -- then him calling out the guys name (can't remember it - see? I blocked it out) in that sing-songy voice. Remember that?  Want to know why I can't stand the suspense?

Many years ago....
When my sister and I were old enough to say goodnight to our parents downstairs and put ourselves to bed upstairs (I think we were10 & 12....ish)... One night, my sister said goodnight and ran ahead of me to go upstairs.  I finished saying goodnight and went to go upstairs, and my sister jumped out of the living room right near the stairs and scared the heck out of me.  I screamed so loud, my heart was beating so fast.  Ooooh, I was so mad at her.

The next night, she ran ahead of me again.  This time, I knew she was there.  I told her not to scare me.  That I knew she was there, so she better not.  Then I made a mad dash for the stairs to try and get up them before she jumped out, but to no avail.  She jumped out and scared me just as badly as the previous night.  Even though I knew shew as there.  And she did it for a few more nights.  And I still got scared.  See that?  Suspense.  Right?????  THAT is why I can't handle suspenseful movies.  Still. After all these years.  It's all her fault.

Aren't you glad you asked?  Go read that book.  It's good.

And now, I'm putting this link in here to my Knit Picks wish list, so that I have a chance to win some items from my wish list from KnitPicks.  I'm drawing the line at sharing it on facebook (that is also an option, in addition to posting on my blog, for winning).  Click on it if you like, but don't feel like to you have to.  Really.  Unless you want to buy me something from my wish list.  There's always that.

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  1. Love your review of Mad River Road .... gotta check that one out! Also, still cringe hearing that sister story - OY !!! BTW any chance pics will appear of the little cherubs?