Saturday, November 19, 2011

Take Two, Take Three, Take Four

Take Two:  Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Filling
Hmmmm...amazing what that non-stick spray can do.
The second round of pumpkin bread came out better -- in more ways than one.  First, it came out of the pan.  I mean right out of the pan.   No shaking the pan, using a knife around the edge etc.  Two and a half words for you:  non-stick spray.  Second, it tasted more flavorful since I found pumpkin pie spice.   Yummy.  I still haven't gotten the maple extract, and my cream cheese "filling" was more like a "puddle" but that's because I fiddled with the recipe and tried to cut it in half and it's hard to add half and egg so I just added a whole egg and that made it thinner so it just sort of ran over the batter rather than sit in the middle.  The next one (the one I'm bringing to Thanksgiving) will be perfect.

Take Three:  Mukluks (aka The Knitted Slippers for Christmas Project) 
Pair #3 almost done!
Take Four:  Book Lights

This is it!!!!  THE one.  The BEST book light.  Ever.  After three other duds, the fourth one was the charm.  Which I knew it would be.  The Might Bright book light is what I used to have and should have just been my go-to light to begin with.  But this one is even better than the one I used to have.  The neck is long and flexible and stays anywhere you put it (my other one had a long extending neck and the light swiveled, but those two mechanisms broke after a lot of use -- which is what got me into this dilemma in the first place) .  And it lights up both pages of the book. LOVE.  IT.

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  1. Well, you've sold me on the MBBXtra flex lite !!! Thanks for doing all the research ! LoL Susan