Monday, March 26, 2012

The Tally

It's not a secret that Paul and I love, Love, LOVE ice cream.  Especially soft ice cream, which is seasonal.  Often in the summer, dinner will revolve around whether or not we are going for ice cream.  And sometimes dinner IS ice cream.  So, I've decided to keep a tally of the ice cream that Paul and I get this season!  Don't ask me why -- chances are you will be shocked by the number of times we go out for ice cream (for example in this past week it has been 3).  Then again, I'm trying to eat a little healthier these days, so maybe I'll be able to exercise some restraint once the novelty of ice cream stands being open wears off....  When I figure out how, I'll put a little counter somewhere on the blog page.  Ok, full disclosure -- this is more for me than for you.  I was curious how much ice cream we ate and a blog counter seemed a good way of keeping track.  You probably don't give a hoot.  Hopefully there is something else in this blog post that interests you...

Yesterday, we ventured down to Chappaqua, NY to the Northeast GS/GN Buick club spring meeting.  Paul usually goes to this by himself, or with Rob and Raymond, but for some reason this year he invited me to come along.  I was one of three women there (all of us guests of club members, not members ourselves), among about 60 car-loving-racing-loving men.  Lots of bench racing going on....
I chatted a little, but mostly daydreamed listened intently.  I can usually keep up with the conversation, but then there's a point where I get a little overloaded.  So, what else did I do?
Sold tickets for the 50/50 and raffle prizes.  Gave me a chance to walk around a little.  There was a "business" meeting first (upcoming drag racing events to participate in, nominations for new officers etc) and then we all ate an 80 foot long sub.   Paul and I didn't win any of the raffle prizes (mostly car wash things, which I, of course, would put to good use.....).

On the way home was:
#3 of the week and the season.  The Red Rooster Drive-In in Brewster, NY.  Yum.  Isn't that such a classic looking drive-in??????

In Knitting News:
On the drive to the meeting I worked on the Summer Flies shawl:
I can't spread it out too well yet, since there are so many stitches on my needles, but I'm almost done and will show it to you next post.  So, here's the thing.  I wasn't supposed to start anything new without working on/finishing-if-possible a work-in-progress right?  Ha.  Apparently I'm having trouble with that.  In my defense, this was a potential summer time class project so I wanted to knit it asap to determine if it would be a good class. And if so, it should also be finished soon so it could go up as a sample in the shop.  Pretty good defense, I think.  Jury is still out about the class. I'm waiting to finish it before I decide.

I've also been working on my Cranberry Capelet, also a potential class, but in the fall:
The collar and beginning of the decreases.  Getting familiar with the pattern took some doing but now I'm on a roll.  Looks weird right now.  That's a cable in the middle, which will be more obvious when I do the next one.

Finished my Swirl Hat for the charity knitting collection at The Spinning Room yarn shop:
Great pattern - very easy to remember.  Knitted up fairly quickly, but it's fingering weight on a size 3, so at times it didn't seem so quick.  But, really, it was.  Wonderful, lightweight hat for spring summer, or even as an indoor accessory in the winter.

In Gardening News:
The crazy weather continues, as now it is back to 40 degrees, and it's expected to get to 16 degrees tonight.  I'm worried about our daffodils:
...which actually will be started to die off soon anyway.  But they are in full bloom now!
And our pretty Bleeding Heart that did horribly last year and we put it in a new spot for this year and already it looks a gazillion times better than last year....
....I think we had about three leaves on it last year (really).  I don't want it to die before the pretty pretty pretty flowers come out.

And our rhododendron:
...Just about to bloom.  This one also seems to be doing better than last year, with tons of buds.  We'll do the best we can to cover everything up.  But SIXTEEN degrees????  I hope they make it.

In Book News:
I'm in the middle of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt: A Novel, by Beth Hoffman and will give a review of it soon.  I have also met yet another person who told me that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo really does get much better so I'm thinking about picking it up again.
But, in real book news, Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3), has been purchased for the Nook!Paul has started it, so i have to wait for him to finish it before I can read it. I hope he hurries up.


  1. THE RED ROOSTER DRIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I worked right up the road!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW Jerry and I had many a date there!!!!!!!

    what nice memories! Thank you Lizy!!

    Lv K

  2. Don't do it - I hated The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Hated.