Friday, March 2, 2012

So annoying. (but SO pretty.)

The biggest snow of the winter came Wednesday/Thursday.  Twelve inches.  TWELVE!!! So annoying.  I'm really just ready for Spring at this point.  But, you can't argue with its beauty:
Love that.

Don't love this so much:
That's ME by the way! Plowing the driveway.  Paul had an awful cold this week, along with an awful long week at work.  So, I had to offered to do the plowing (with him supervising).
It is REALLY hard to drive that thing.  Shifting and turning the steering wheel requires series muscle, in addition to working the lever to raise, lower and turn the plow.  But once you get the hang of it, it's kind of fun  easier to drive sort-of-but-not-really-fast and push the snow around. Don't tell Paul.  He might think I'll want to do the plowing next time....(I don't).

And to add insult to injury, just saying, "Ha, ha, not spring yet, but here is something to tempt you", these arrived in the mail Thursday:
My heirloom seeds from Beekman 1802!  Yes, you can look forward to "Gardening News" in the blog this spring.  I haven't had a garden for over 7 years (since before I met Paul!), so we'll see how green my thumb is.  Right now I'm obsessing over where to put it in the yard. And how to keep the bunnies out.  And the deer. And the groundhog.

Knitting News:
I finished my Dipped Infinity Scarf!
Taking a bath
 I got a little nervous when I soaked it -- see the blue-ish water on the right side of the bowl?  I though it might make the lighter blues darker, but it turned out fine.  See?:

LOVE. IT.  The color changes are so pretty and I love the denim-y look.  I think I'm going to wear it today since it is still cold and icky out.

And here is what I'm starting next:
More later!  Ha.  Just trying to string you along.  (Ha! get it? "string"????)


  1. 12 " of snow ????!!!! Jeeeeze .... well, at least it's not sleet and ice :((((. BTW you can now hire yourself out to snow plow and get huge bucks for it !!! ... during the day when Paul's at work :) - that's when a lot of people need the work done - I know! Had to hire someone [ last minute ] today .... beauteous job :0) ... paid huge bucks, but worth it :)
    Your scarf is spectacular !!! .... let me know if hou can write directions for straight scarf.
    BTW #2 love your cross-outs hehehe XO, Me

  2. somehow snow at this time of year just doesn't seem as "nice" as it would have been a month ago.....but what a lovely view of the snow on that tree, makes me wish for some even though I've already packed away the snow gear and we only used them twice this year. Its so great that you got to do some snow-plowing!!!! yes you could get BIG bucks plowing...might want to consider that.
    I too am just LOVING those cross-outs, adds another element to the writing which you do so well.
    Have fun seed planting....I've been turning the compost and the soil the last few days. I bet if I plant this week it snows......
    I can't believe how quickly you knit things up......
    take care and enjoy it, summer will be here sooner than we think.
    Lv K