Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Changes!

New blog layout! I decided the other one, while very cool, was too hard to read and sometimes the pictures were hard to see. This one is much better (and spring-ier). I used one of Blogger's templates but one day I'll make up my own and personalize it with my own pictures and background.

Also, I've added a "Some of My Favorite Things" box to the sidebar on the right. It has links to Amazon for the things that I like that I mention in the bog. (Shameless plug: If you click there and purchase something, I'll get a little something in return.) Although, I tried to find the Oxo grater I recently purchased (at another store), but it wasn't there. There were 50,000 other Oxo graters, but not mine. Mine is a pyramid-shaped grater and I love it. I'll still put a link in the blog itself for my favorite things, but this way you can browse all my favorites without going back through all the posts! Handy!

In Knitting News:
I've been plugging away on my Dipped Infinity Scarf:
Love the subtle color changes.  The pattern is incredibly easy to follow - definitely tv knitting.  You can purchase the pattern separately, but this one came as a kit with the 8 colors pre-selected (I got it as a fiber festival and one of the vendors put it together). I would have gone mad trying to make 8 colors match so that they would gradually change like that! If you can't tell in this picture, you'll be able to tell when I have more done.  Plus, the yarn was measured out for me in this kit, which made it a little more affordable too.

And, I'm getting ready to start something new!  More on that later.

In other news:
Have I told you how much I love, Love, LOVE Downton Abbey?????  I'm on episode 5 of Season 1.  It's like the greatest little soap opera ---  the lives of the family that lives in this gorgeous English manor and how they intertwine with the lives of the staff that works for them.  Season 2 recently ended on PBS and I understand it's just as enjoyable as season 1.
If you want to try it, you can get just one episode (episode 1 of season 1!) here:

And then WHEN you love it, you can get the whole Season 1 here: Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey
Then come back and tell me how you like it!

I'm off to clean the bathrooms and then reward myself by watching another episode. (Somehow I think cleaning bathrooms needs a slightly larger reward....)


  1. Your blog is soooooo much easier to read - thanks Lizzy!:)
    Thanks to your recomendation 2 weeks ago re: "Downton Abbey", I down-loaded season 1, watched 2 episodes and down loaded season 2 !!!!! It's terrific :0) ... Only problemo: I loved it so much [watched it in bed, on my iPad], I watched into the night on several occasions.... ended up watching BOTH SEASONS in about 4 sittings - NOW I have to wait until next January for the next installment! :(
    That there scarf is a beauty ! Are the directions on Ravelry? Also, what kind of yarn works ? XO, Me

  2. Can't wait to see the scarf!
    Carson and Lady Violet are my favorites on "Downton Abbey". Their various expressions are priceless and they have the best lines. Love Isis, the yellow Lab, too. You can see Mr. Pamuk in the Brit tv series "Bedlam". He was such a sensation in the UK that he got his own series. Season 1 is available on iTunes.