Friday, February 10, 2012

A Present!

The other night, Paul and I were watching tv and Phoebe came into the room.  She had just come up from the basement (where her food and litter box are) through her cat door.  I didn't really even notice her come in but Paul had and saw her go sit by the window looking outside.  Then she turned around and walked back through the room.  Paul said "What does she have, one of those dust bunnies in her whiskers?" (Which she often gets from the basement.)  I looked, and my heart jumped to my throat when I realized she had a MOUSE in her mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She had been sitting by the window, just holding it.  UGH!!!!!

Paul got up to go see, and Phoebe dropped it onto the carpet. Luckily it was dead.  Then Paul ran to the garage to get some gloves and  a bag.  In the meantime, I think I was still screaming, "Ewwwww!  Ewwwww!"  Then Phoebe went to pick it up again so I "pssssssst"ed her away, which got Mandy going, so she went over to investigate.  Then I was yelling, "Leave it!" to Mandy, which usually works but this didn't so I had to physically pull her away.  Paul finally came back in about an hour later (real time: 30 seconds) and he "took care of" the mouse.  In case it needs to be said one more time: ICK!!!!!!

It was only then that Paul said, "Aren't we supposed to praise her or something?"  As I held the carpet cleaner spray and a paper towel, I tried to pat Phoebe but she didn't want anything to do with me.  I'm sure she was pretty proud of herself for giving us this present, and we totally burst her bubble with our reaction.  Her new name is Mouser, by the way.

In knitting news:
The Sycamore Vest is done, Done, DONE!
I absolutely LOVE. IT.  It doesn't have buttons but you don't need them because it hangs just so.  Comfy and fits great (sorry, no pic with me wearing it yet - maybe I'll get one this weekend).  Using the Cascade 220 Sport is perfect because it makes for a nice, lightweight vest that can be worn three seasons (maybe even four!).

And, I got to work on my Froot Loop socks, on the heels (pardon the pun) of having finished my Socks of Kindness.  I had one sock done all the way past the heel turn, but because the pattern is so fussy, I decided I better start the other one, so I wouldn't NOT want to knit the second one when I was done with the first.  So, I got crack-a-lackin' and got the second sock knitted to match the first:
Now, I just need to do the foot and toe sections on each one.  The second sock took a lot less time once I actually had the time to put into knitting it.  The first one limped along during my 1/2 hour lunch breaks when I was working at Indian Ladder Farms.  Then the whole thing got put on hold during the holidays and my knitting for classes I'd be teaching.  So, I think I'm going to have another finished pair fairly soon!

Since I'll be getting a UFO (un-finished object) done, I'm going to start a new project! Stay tuned......

I'm hoping to have a book review soon.  I'm reading a book on my Nook but having a hard time getting through it for a couple of reasons:  Lately I've started reading when I'm really tired, but also, for some reason I'm having a hard time keeping track of the story line and so that slows me down a little.  More on that when I review it.....  good story line though.

Lastly, a pretty view out the window the other day:


  1. Well y'all know I can't resist a good mouse story (ewwwww--well actually I have an actual "mouse scream" which is sort of an inhaled LOUD scream as I am running--yup I said R.U.N.N.I.N.G.away from the scene of the mouse)--This is why there will NEVER be any door that allows a cat or dog into my house without an invitation from me opening the door!!!
    Your vest is just beautiful--don't think in all your whining (hehehehe) I realized it was SPORT or DK wool--that makes a HUGE difference and I'll offer a bit of sympathy since I only knit socks or baby items--
    Also socks look great but such an unusual color choice for you
    Miss my wit yet???? Home in three months!!! joan

  2. Your Sycamore Vest is a beauty beauty beauty! I'm holding it in my hands right now...hahahahahahahaha! XO