Wednesday, February 1, 2012

done. Done. DONE!

 YAY!!!!  For me, there is nothing more satisfying than finishing a pair of socks.  Even though sweaters and blankets take a long time to knit and those, maybe, should be more satisfying, they aren't.  There is something about socks.  Maybe it's the tiny needles and skinny yarn (which maybe makes it seem as if you are knitting as may rows and stitches as in a sweater or blanket).
 Maybe it's that you can put all kinds of patterns into just this little finished piece.
Or maybe it's just that when they are done you can put them right on and they feel so warm and comfy and you don't have to block them or do anything special except enjoy them!  LOVE. THEM.

AND, not to beat a dead horse, but I'm so happy that I chose to knit both socks at the same time.  It tricks your brain into thinking you are knitting the pair faster, even though you are knitting the same number of stitches.  Seriously.  Try it.

In other news, Paul and I took a drive on Sunday and went to Chatham and Hudson, NY.  First we went  to breakfast at the Homefront Cafe in town and got really full on eggs benedict (for me) and an omelet (for him).  Then we went driving, thinking we'd stop somewhere for lunch.  (Needless to say we were full until 4pm!).

Chatham was a very cute little town and has The Warm Ewe yarn shop.  Unfortunately for us, it's closed on Sundays but we looked in the windows and it looks to be a very nice, cozy shop.  I've heard good things about it.
(tilt your head to the right....)
We also went to this great general store:
....where we may or may not have bought some Valentine's chocolates. (Mmmmmmmm.)

And then we walked by the Chatham Bookstore and saw this:
In the window is a very comfy looking chair with a side table.  That little sign in the window says: "Sit and read in our chair for 30 minutes and we'll give you 30% off your book."  Paul and I had a discussion about what that meant.  I said it meant to sit in that chair in the window.  He didn't think that could possibly be what it meant and said it probably meant a chair in the store.  I wanted to go inside to ask them, but we decided to keep walking.  As a result, I'm choosing to believe I'm right.  ( I actually just looked up their website to see if it said anything about it and it didn't.  I'm stopping short of calling them to ask.  So, I'm still choosing to believe I'm right.)

Random Stuff:
1) It's 53 degrees here today and the daffodils and crocuses are coming out of the soil.  I'm worried they'll get ruined when it gets cold again.  Anyone know what to do?

2) Is it hard to read this with that background?  I like it, but I think it might be too hard to read.

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4) Isn't this cute?:


  1. now I am not an expert on daffodils and such, but I can tell you that many years here it snows and freezes after those flowers are up and even when they have buds and so far they usually bloom fine. The freeze does sometimes ruin the buds just a bit if the bud is further along and getting close to opening. We have weird weather that goes from needing heat to needing AC and back again all in the same week and it happens year round, 100 on April fools day and 50 on 4th of July.
    I really really need to try knitting 2 socks at once......seems so nice that you finished both at the same time! I really like the pattern on this pair that you just finished.
    I think you and Paul are just going to have to go back and have another visit to that book store and we will all KNOW you are right! It just has to be the chair in the window


  2. You MUST be right! Especially for 30% off?

  3. That pattern and yarn were meant for each other.
    Significant otters - naturally cute - not photoshopped!
    I subscribe by email and they are delivered 24 hours after the post. Not sure why. But by subscribing I don't 'miss' a post.