Saturday, February 18, 2012

Racing Prep

Another busy Saturday in the garage....
Task: Installing Headers
Method: Paul gets under car and slides them into place, while Liz stands on a step ladder (because the car has to be jacked up REALLY high in order to slide them into place) to put a bolt in part way.

Liz puts in a bolt part way.  Liz gets under car to hold header while Paul installs gasket and more bolts (after running to get camera for Liz while she is under the car, so she can take a picture).
The shiny silver thing is a header.
View from below while waiting for Paul to install gasket......
Translation:  What is a header you ask?  No idea. Sorry.

Knitting News:
I made a Downton Hat!

I'm not much of a hat wearer, but you can't get a great idea of what it looks like without it on (since I don't have a hat mold to display it on) and I was the only one around willing to try it on.  Who watches Downton Abbey????? A great PBS show, takes place starting in 1912 when the Titanic sinks.   This pattern is based on a pattern from that era.  I'm teaching a class at the shop in April for this pattern.  LOVE. IT.

And I cast on for my Dipped Infinity Scarf.  Got a couple of rows knit but not enough to show you yet.  Next time.....  Ooh, and I'll have a book review!


  1. You look beauteous, Lizzy!!! :0) And love that hat! Hug hug xo , me

  2. You look beauteous, Lizzy !!! :0) AND, I love love love that hat ! hug hug, xo ... me

  3. Hat is terrific on you!