Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Sweet (Savory) Valentine

Here's what Paul and I did for Valentine's Day:

Heart-shaped pizza!  Yum!  And since it was Valentine's Day, I'll gush just a tiny bit about Paul.  He is the cat's pajamas of husbands.  He's great.

I went to a postponed-because-of-that-huge-October-snowstorm girls weekend at The Red Lion Inn this weekend. It was so much fun and so nice to catch up with all the girls (hi girls!!!!). We all know each other from living/working in Connecticut but now we are spread out in Mass.,Vermont and New York too.

Before meeting them at the Lee shopping outlets, I stopped at Colorful Stitches in Lenox. Couldn't help picking up this:
Kathmandu Aran in a pretty purpley-blue. Love this yarn-I made my first cardigan with this in the oatmeal-y color. And sock yarn from Into the Whirled. She has been at most of the local fiber festivals and I picked up some of her roving at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival.

Then it was on to the outlets where I got this cute little thing at the Coach outlet on super-sale:
Once we had exhausted all the buying options there, it was on to the inn for chatting and wine and nibble-ies (and sock-knitting for me). There were 7 of us so we rented one of the little cottages on the inn property. Very cozy. Then, a yummy dinner and watching some karoake. What a bunch of local characters .... One who was quite toasted, fell down several steps, got back up, unhurt, and fist-bumped one of my friends. And the other who went up to sing in an arm cast and neck brace, then proceeded to tell "those of you who don't know me" to be careful of his left side because he had several broken ribs. (apparently all due to a recent snowmobile accident). In past years of this get-together I have missed this part since I didn't stay over (needing to work at the shop)-- what a riot.

On to the Lion's Den at the inn to watch the last set of the band there, and finally back to the cottage to sleep at 1:30 am. Whew!

The next morning was a yummy breakfast at the inn and saying goodbye. We had such a nice time and are looking forward to the next one.  Before I left, though, I had to stop at the gift shop to pick up this:
The yummiest salad dressing...Maple Dijon Vinaigrette.  The Red Lion Inn's own recipe.

For me it was then on to my mom's in CT to visit. We watched lots of "Chopped" on Food Network (a real treat for me since I don't get that channel at home) and more sock knitting.

Got home Monday and finished my socks!!!:
Froot Loop socks. I. Love. Them. But, I will NEVER make them again! The pattern is quite tedious and I like things to move along a little quicker. Especially socks.

Now, it's on to my Umaro blanket:
 But, since this blanket is huge, and has a chart to follow, sometimes you just need something a little easier to work on.  So,  I'm going to wind yarn and cast on for my Infinity Scarf today:
It will be knit using these yarns, in this order, from left to right.  Pretty and denimy.  Can't wait to see what it will look like.


  1. no infinity scarf yarn photo...

  2. crap, now it's there! forget the first post!

  3. That pizza - wow - impressive. You have managed to tick quite a few boxes with this post: travel; love; pizza; shopping; yarn shopping (has it's own category); girlfriends; finished objects; wip; pink and purple; and yummy maple-y goodness. Take a bow!