Friday, June 29, 2012


Knitting Progress
Wow, my Altamont Fair project is flying along!  I really didn't think it would go this quickly.

I'm on the last, long side of applying the edging.

I timed myself last night (yes, I TIMED myself) and it took me 6 minutes and 40 seconds to do one, 12-row repeat of the edging pattern.  I counted how many stitches I had left to pick up from my needle and determined that I have about 28 more repeats to do before the edging is done.  Multiply that by my time, and I think it will be done in a little under three hours!  Way.  Cool.  Then I have to figure out how to join that provisional cast on at the beginning of the edging with the end.  Then weave in my ends (not many) and block it.  After I block it, it should be 74" long and 17" wide.  It's nowhere near that length now.  All scrunched up on the needles, it is about 50" long and 11" wide.  It's really amazing what blocking does (soaking it in cool water then pinning it out on a towel to dry).  I'm WAY ahead of schedule!

Want to see how I keep track of everything?

And here is my handy dandy magnetic easel for my chart:

Love. It.  I got mine from KnitPicks, but there is a slightly less expensive one here:Metal Easel Display with Magnetic Pegs

That's all I've been knitting.

Garden Progress
It's growing!  Lots of tomato flowers and some of the early girl tomatoes are sprouting out:

The big issue now is that my wimpy-bamboo-stakes-that-I-didn't-know-were-wimpy-at-the-time, are starting to bend under the weight of the plants.  So, since they came 25 to a pack and I only used 10, I will likely try to double up on them to make them sturdier.  I probably should have taken my mother-in-law up on her offer of two tomato cages she has in her basement.  And then bought 8 more.

Lots of flowers on my zucchini plant:

Lettuce (supposedly iceberg head lettuce) and carrots are coming along too:

So fun to see most everything growing!  (beans are looking sad - no picture since I didn't want to humiliate them.  We'll see if they rally.)

Quote of the Day:
"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." -Benjamin Franklin

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