Sunday, June 3, 2012

So, at breakfast this morning, I was staring at the bamboo garden stakes we had purchased, wondering what I was going to use to secure the tomato plants to them.  I was thinking... twistie ties (the things that hold bread bags closed)?  wire? some sort of kitchen twine?  I posed the question to Paul and he said, "Don't you have extra yarn?"  Do I have extra yarn????????  Der.  I can't believe I didn't think of that.  Then he said, "Yeah, you can put that on the blog."

In other miscellaneous news....
I love my new pink sneakers!
Paul and I took his mom up to the outlets near Lake George so she could go to the Easy Spirit store to find the sneakers that she can't find down here anymore because all the stores are closing and also as it turns out because they discontinued them.  Wouldn't you know, they were having a buy one get one 1/2 off sale.  I found two pairs.  (My second is not terribly picture-worthy. Just your basic walking sneaker.)  But I. Love. Them.  So comfy.  And PINK!

Pretty (sort of blurry) view from our deck last night as the clouds/rain was passing and clearing and it was getting chilly:

In Knitting News:
Busy, busy knitting weekend!  I taught the Clapotis class yesterday (and filled up another class with those interested in taking it!) and have the final class for the Sycamore Vest today.

I got up early yesterday since I was on a role getting my Lintilla done and I finished it!:

The top picture is the most accurate representation of the color. I love the subtle ruffle on it.   I'll be teaching a class on how to knit this in July.  Check the Spinning Room website here.

And when I got home from teaching yesterday, I made a Gift Card-igan:

O.M.G.  How cute is that?  Right?  It took me about an hour and a half (including putting. the. button. on. it!).  Another class for July.  Along with Thrummed Mittens for a somewhat-Christmas-in-July series.

And finally, I started the Diamond Lace Socklets:
A shortie toe-up sock for another class in July/August.  I'm using Malabrigo Sock yarn and it is WONDERFUL.  Merino wool with some nylon and it is so soft.  Since they are technically summer socks, I'll try it another time in a cotton-y fingering weight.

No book news today but how about a quote?
You know you knit too much when...You will check out a book from the library just because you heard that one of the characters knits.   - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee from At Knit's End

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  1. Thanks for posting pic of "lintilla" in place I can see how lovely it is!
    Do those sneakers come in other colors ... my feet don't look good in pink!!!
    Thanks for the name of the yarn you're using for "summer" socks :)
    YOU NEED TO PATENT YOUR GIFT CARD HOLDER - GENIUS!!! ..and so beauteous !. .".........xo ...... Me