Friday, August 10, 2012

Fast and Furious

I've been knitting fast and furiously on my Cranberry Capelet (aka: my knitting olympics project which needs to be finished by the time the Olympic torch is extinguished on Sunday night) since we got home from Ohio.  I knitted during naptime while babysitting...
...where I had to attend to a knitting emergency:  crossing my cable the wrong way.  This is the right way:
See that little bit of knitting in the middle on the top?  It's slanted to the left.  As opposed to this:
...which is slanted to the right.  Ugh.  Frustrating setback when I'm on a time constraint! (both with naptime AND with getting my knitting olympics project done).

I also knitted while seeing The Refrigerators  (great local cover band who play funk, rock and R&B; 9 members including an awesome horn section!) at Guilderland's National Night Out at Tawasentha Park...
...even when it got dark....
You can't see it, but that's me knitting in the dark, trying to finish one more row.

And I knitted while watching the Olympics (which is making me sleep deprived, thank you very much) and finishing Season 2 of Downton Abbey (Downton Abbey Seasons 1 & 2 Limited Edition Set - Original UK Version )  (ARGH!  I can't wait until season 3 starts.... in January!).  SO, as of today, I have 1 inch of ribbing to do on the capelet before it is complete.  That is about 7 rounds of 428 stitches.  I have 2 1/2 days to finish.  I'm pretty sure that's doable!

While I was calculating my stitches-to-go and how much time I have left, feeling confident I could make it to the finish line in time, I made this:
Zucchini Rice Gratin
Click on the picture caption for the website, which is, again, The Smitten Kitchen.  Love. Her.  And this was a perfect recipe for my homegrown veggies.  I used my own zucchini, tomatoes and onion!  Ooh, AND fresh, local eggs from a friend's daughter's chickens!  It is really yummy.  You should try it.

Fingers crossed the next post will have the finished capelet!


  1. GO LIZZIE !!! - your Cranberry capetlete is looking good and on it's way to the knitting olympics !..BTW when do you sleep ? {love love love the pic of you knitting in the dark hehehe].
    Smitten Kitchen Zucchimi Rice Caserole looks like a
    winner - yummmmm - salllllavating [slurp slurp] :) BTW when do you sleep?
    Congrats on your very successful garden !!! BTW when do
    you sleep?
    xo.... Me

  2. hahahahaha!!! LOVE your "knitting in the dark" pic! Lizzy don't make me LOL in the middle of the night! Jerry might wake up..... hehehe come to think of it I wonder if he knows that there are other people (besides me and some teenagers) that stay up past dark.... oh oh! yum yum! I don't enjoy cooking but that is one recipe that I must try soon! Your garden must be doing so well. are you guys getting rain this summer? we don't have much that's green here...although its easy to see the weeds in the yard...they're the ONLY green thing out there.
    KEEP ON KNITTNG!! good luck with your capelet 2 more days! I wonder during which sport you get the most knitting done ?

    BTW when I saw the title I thought for sure that Paul had won BIG time somewhere!
    LV K

    1. I was wondering if someone would think I was referencing the movie with my blog title!

      Not much rain here - the grass is crunchy (but our weeds are green too!) so I've been watering the garden with the hose when needed.

      I'm actually a little slower with knitting while watching the Olympics since I get distracted (especially when watching with Paul since he gives a running commentary of oohs and ughs and awwws, so I have to look up at the tv!).

  3. I actually wondered how you were going to get any knitting done during these games....I gave up knitting to watch the Olympics! still trying to figure out how I lost some weight during the games, so much sitting, I haven't watched this much TV in 4 yrs!

    yes with this title, I was thinking of Paul in his car winning a race

    Lv K