Monday, August 13, 2012

Two Gold Medals

I medal-ed!  Here I am finishing the binding off of my capelet during the closing ceremonies last night:
that part on the right is the bound off edge...
(shortly before George Michael sang "Freedom" horribly...)

Finished product looks like this:
Funny looking right?  I didn't take a picture of me wearing it because I felt like I was being strangled by the collar.  Blocking it will surely solve that problem...
Looks even funnier.  Hopefully I did it right and it will look nice when it is worn.

Speaking of blocking, did you see that mat the capelet is laying on?:
Supposedly very absorbent.  Got it at Bed Bath & Beyond with my 20% off coupon today.  I'm hoping it will make it dry faster.  If not, I'll be employing my fan method. I'm terribly impatient with blocking dry time.

Having finished within the timeframe of the Olympics means I get a gold medal.  But do you know what else this means????  I can start my Watermelon Slice Socks!!

Meanwhile, guess what this gold-medal-in-my-opinion thing is:

My very own shaved ice machine!!!!:
Oh yes I did and I. LOVE.  IT!

Off to wind yarn for my socks!


  1. I'm coming to visit sooooon - want multiple shaved ice thingys !... Congratulations on your gold LOL - your capelette is beauteous :)... BTW -> agree about G. Michael... but overall, love love loved the [brilliant ] closing show, especially "Imagine" and the human formation of John Lennon's head, and PELE !!! [long time no see hahaha]. XO

  2. congrats on the finish!! just in the nick of time I see. good going with the shaved ice machicne! I had one way back when we had 3 kids.... I think you need to keep a shaved ice tally on here! it would win gold for sure!
    have fun with the socks, can't wait to see those.

  3. Congratulations on your capelet and medal!
    That dish of cherry ice looks so refreshing!