Thursday, July 18, 2013


546.  Five hundred forty-six. That's how many stitches are currently on each row of my Citron  project:
(matchbox cars are all the rage in the babysitting venue these days...)
Would you just LOOK at them all?
Oh. My. Gosh. It takes a loooong time to knit a row.  I have only brought this on myself since I decided to add two repeats to this pattern.  I had a lot more yarn than was needed and the project as it is ends up rather small.  So, why not make the most if the yarn I have as well as making it bigger, right?

And 546 won't be the largest number of stitches.  In the next, and last repeat, I will have 642 stitches on several rows.  Six hundred forty-two.  I already said I was a little bored knitting this and it may only get worse. On the positive side, except for 3 of the 20 rows I am repeating, this is very easy knitting and good for in front if the tv. So, on I will knit. And knit.  And knit.  And knit.....

Also, it is so hot here, we have resorted to this to keep the house cool:
I have to fix this sideways thing!! Anyone know how?
Reheating leftover pizza on the grill.  It worked tremendously - nice crisp crust!

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  1. What are you making again? I forgot and thats alot of stiches
    My 24 yr old son asked for his matchbox cars of course garage sale a long time ago, oh well now he wants to play with them, sure.
    Great idea on leftover pizza, we don't use our grill enough, off to 16 handles tonight if you want in Glenmont.