Sunday, July 7, 2013

More DIY.... and pizza.

Ok, so I lied at the end of my last post.  I said there would be book reviews.  But there are no book reviews in today's post.  I have finished some books but.....  well, there is no "but".  I just don't feel like writing about them yet!  So, instead, I'll tell you about this:

Last weekend, Paul and I made a trip  to IKEA for shelving for the craft room.  While we were in New Haven, we of course had to make a stop at Frank Pepe's Pizzeria on Wooster Street:
Mmmmmm.  The. Best. Pizza. EVER.  Hands down.  Bar none.  I wish wish wish wish wish WISH we had pizza like this here.  Sal's Pizza in Cooperstown (an hour from here) is close, but still just not the same. 

While Paul was at work the next day I tackled putting the shelf together by myself:
I looked and looked all over the garage, ransacking Paul's tool boxes for the lightweight hammer and rubber mallet, which would have been very helpful in putting this together.  I could only find the heavy hammer and a folded up cloth to protect the wood since I didn't have a rubber mallet......until I took this progress picture.  Check out what is laying on the desk at the top of this picture.   Lightweight hammer and rubber mallet.  Sitting there the whole time.  Putting the rest of the shelf together was much easier from here.

Stay tuned for an upright shelf, filled with all my yarn-y, knit-y, spin-y things.

Then, remember the windows in this picture?:
We got them at Brimfield in May 2012.  So, finally, over a year later, we did this with them:
Paul cleaned them up and painted them.  Someday, added to our long list of household projects, we will put real windows there. And built-in bookshelves underneath them.

Finally, this lone lily bloom:

Oh, and this:

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