Monday, April 9, 2012

Haulin' (Gr)ass

Outside projects began in earnest this past weekend.  Here's the thing.... I don't really like yard work.  It's hard.  And BORING.  Paul likes yard work.  He would rather do that for exercise than go for a walk (I'd rather go for a walk). As you know, I'm very excited to have a garden this year.  I was not very excited to build the garden.  It's hard. And boring. But begin to build we did.

We started out figuring out where we wanted our 8' X 8' bed and starting to dig up the grass.

After about 10 minutes, this is how far we got:
Paul's section is on the left, mine is on the right.  It was HARD. (and boring)

When it got to this point:
...I decided I needed another job.  So, my job became loading the pieces of grass into the wheelbarrow and bringing them around the shed to lay on the ground and fill in the empty spots that were there from when we built the shed:
(Mandy was my shadow all day.)  This job was MUCH better.  While still boring, I at least felt like I was getting something accomplished.  Not like that digging up the grass stuff.  Hauling grass was much better.

Needless to say, the project moved along from there....

Paul's band-aid/masking tape fix for the blister he got digging up the grass:
(I didn't get any blisters.)
We rewarded ourselves with a drive up to Lake George, stopping at Giffy's BBQ, and then Tractor Supply to buy these cool gardening clogs and gloves:
I  know!  Cute right?  I think these complete my gardening tool kit.

Once in Lake George it was a trip to Martha's Dandee Creme:

 And a pretty sunset on the way home:

The next day was finishing up by putting up the fencing:
Wah-la!  A garden bed, ready to plant all my veggie goodies in.  Next step is planting the seeds INSIDE to get them started.

Then it was Easter. We went to Paul's mom's house for candy dinner.  Also, Mrs. C. makes these "dolls" every year which are like a dense bread-y cake-y Italian-y yummy thing with frosting:
Paul jokingly told her he wanted his in the shape of a car this year.  So she tried it:
(sideways, sorry) Pretty cool!

In Knitting News:
I've been cranking along on my top down cardi: (forgive me for not typing in the very long name of it...)
(argh! why sideways again??)
I'm just about done with one sleeve, then have the other sleeve and about two inches left of the body.  I stopped doing the body and worked on the sleeves to make sure I'd have enough yarn.  The pattern says to knit the body to 12" but to stop on a row 18 or row 36 of the lace chart.  Well, if my calculations are correct, my 12" will lie somewhere in the middle, so I might need extra yarn to get to my row 18 or 36.   So, I decided to make sure the sleeves got done in case I needed to fudge things on ending the body.  I only have 10 skeins, which is what the pattern called for, and it was the only 10 skeins at The Spinning Room.  Since getting more would likely mean another dye lot --- I'm going to try to make it with my 10 skeins.  Stay tuned..... I hate it when it comes down to the wire like this!

In Book News:
I'm reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [Print] and surprisingly (or not if you've read my other posts where several people have told me that it gets better if I just give it a chance) the pace has picked up a little.  Paul is home with the Nook that has the 3rd Hunger Games book on it, but I'm giving this a little more time before I give up and read that!

Oh my gosh!  How can I forget to tell you about this???:
The Beekman Boys posted this picture on their Facebook page yesterday stating that the baby goats were out in front of their Mercantile for Easter.  They are wearing the sweaters I knit for them!  Yay!

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  1. Lizzy, love your garden-to-be :) ...but, where's the door to it ?! If [Paul] moves the fence out 12 to 16 inches you can be inside and walk around [AND WEED ...LOL] and get to the fruits of your labor .. Do i sound like a back-seat driver :(
    This looks like a three season garden [great!]- maybe you need a book on gardening :0) [good gift... hmmmmmm ] . Just saw an advertisement re something like "rapid grow" which also has a weed-killer in it ... how are you with weeding ???
    Can't wait to see your sweater, IN PERSON :O) xo, Me