Monday, April 23, 2012

Meantime stuff

I've been a little busy the past few days, so a "real" post will be coming at the end of the week.   In the meantime, some miscellaneous stuff....

The sand cherry in bloom:

And, very exciting news.... my tomato seeds have sprouted (!!!!) but i don't have a picture right now because I forgot to take one.  They are currently under a grow light Paul's portable shop light (for working under the hood of the car).

The cat sleeping in the dog bed, next to her empty cat bed, while the dog sleeps on the floor:
*sigh* I can't figure out how to get Mandy to stick up for her spot.

I finished my Escargot hat: still needs to be blocked (which it's doing right now - I used Lamb's Pride Worsted and boy does it STINK - like sheep - when it's wet!) and sewn (which I won't do until I demonstrate it in the class this weekend).

I also finished my Clapotis which I can't show you because it isn't blocked and it just looks like a rolled up blob right now.  Hopefully a picture later this week.

Also later this week, I'll tell you where we got these:

1 comment:

  1. Lizzy, I LOVE your Escargot hat - EVERYTHING. about it. !!!!!!! Colors are grrrrreat, and it actually looks like a snail mit shell :)
    Phoebe has had a complete personality change, betcha ! And Mandy knows "age before beauty" is the way to go to get a long LOL .... XO , me