Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Mini Vay-Cay

What a crazy crazy busy week and a half...
But before I get to that....apparently this is the only way Phoebe will sleep in her bed now:
We were cleaning up something in the living room, so her bed ended up on top of Mandy's.  She's so weird.

So, remember these?:
We got them at  Jordan's Snack Bar in Ellsworth, Maine!  Paul and I went for a mini vacation since he had to go to Bangor for work.

On our way up to Bar Harbor, we stopped in Freeport at LLBean and to have lunch.  Then we walked around town and found the yummy "Wicked Whoopies".  This is our attempt at making a two pound whoopie pie look bite sized:

We stayed at the Bar Harbor Inn in for the first night and since it was semi-off-season, we got a room with this view:
The weather wasn't the best, but it was still very pretty.    In Bar Harbor we went to a great little restaurant called Route 66:
 There was so much memorabilia to look at, we almost forgot to eat:

Then it was on to Bangor.  While Paul was working, I went mall-walking, shopping, and to Starbuck's for vanilla bean cremes.  Then I went back to the hotel to knit, work on Sudoku puzzles, and watch HGTV.  It was nice and relaxing!

After we got home it was on to wood floor shopping:
...which will get installed (31 boxes!!) after the replacement of the window-from-hell:
A very old window (1970) with LOTS and LOTS of drafty areas.  I can't wait until it's gone! (in a month...)

In Gardening News:
Look at my tomato plants!!!!
Our little crabapple trees are in bloom:
 And these asparagus-looking things popped up in front:
....but we didn't plant asparagus.  They might be the dahlia's.  Not sure.

In Book News:
I finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.   It was "okay".  It got more exciting for a while, then not so much.  But I finished it.   For some reason that makes me feel better.  As I've said before, I hate leaving books unfinished.  It feels like I'm giving up.  So, again..... waste my life reading books I'm not enjoying  vs. finishing a boring/bad/un-enjoyable book for the sake of finishing.  To be continued the next time I pick up a boring book.

Want to know what's NOT boring? Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3).   I just started it.   It's very exciting (as expected) --- more when I finish it.

In Knitting News:
Here is my blocked Clapotis:
I love how it turned out.  It's nice and soft and drapey.  A perfect accessory scarf.

Now it's back to working on my Umaro blanket, Skew socks, and Cranberry Capelet. Progress pics to come.

Ooh and how could I forget?.....  My newest gadget: (Paul the non-gadgeteer (his newest term) is rolling his eyes):
A Roku (Roku 2 XD Streaming Player 1080p -- click there to get it on Amazon), for streaming movies and tv shows from the internet.  Paul the non-gadgeteer (his newest term) is rolling his eyes.  It's my solution to having below basic cable! (as long as I get the FREE movies and tv shows....)   LOVE. IT.  (I've been watching The Jersey Shore from the beginning.   I know.  Guilty pleasure.)


  1. First of all BOTH of you would never ever forget to eat no matter what you were looking at in a restaurant!!
    Secondly-- keep in mind there are way too many GOOD books to feel guilty about not finishing something you are not enjoying and spending that time to finish when you could have been on to Hunger Games (advice of the day ;-)

  2. Used to live outside of Bangor 30 years ago. Belonged to a co-op where I could get natural yarn for outer garments. One could smell the lanolin in it. I loved it there.
    Linda P

  3. I always finish books too. No matter how bad they are! I just can't help it.