Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Houston, we've had some problems.

Remember the last frantic post about all that knitting I had planned and ready to start immediately?

Well, until today, I have knitted exactly 7 rows of my Harumi cardigan since then. That's it.

First was the issue that my A Fine Fleece: Knitting with Handspun Yarns book with the Flyingdales pattern in it did not arrive on Friday. Or Saturday. Or Monday.  I guess I got a little excited, ignoring that the shipping information that said it would be delivered between March 8 and March 25.  That's crazy, but I figured since it was coming from Pennsylvania, it would get here by March 8.

Then there was the issue that I realized the cover pattern for the other book I bought....
...is made with a bulky yarn, not worsted weight. Problem being that the only bulky yarn I have is Lamb's Pride Bulky, a very dense wool/mohair yarn which will make me incredibly HOT when I wear it. I know from whence I speak since I made my Heather Hoodie Vest with it and have only worn it once because I roasted it in. And it's only a VEST. No sleeves.  So I have to find a bulky yarn that is a little loftier/less dense and not a wool/mohair blend.  Ugh. I was trying to use my stash!

Ooh wait! I did make some progress on my Meadowlark.
Joined the left front to the back/neck.  It's a crazy picture.  You are looking at the back with an armhole on the left and the left front laid out flat-ish.  But, then I was at a "picking up" part that I didn't feel like doing so that got put down.

And I only got 7 rows of my Harumi cardigan (mentioned above) done because of all the ridiculous/confusing/ complicated instructions involving adding repeats when you've increased a certain number if stitches. There are two different pattern repeats to keep track of, and 5 sections across the row, and some of these changes take place on the right side and some on the wrong side, and not on the same row. Oh! My brain just kept getting cramped and I may need a spreadsheet.

Needless to say, I was feeling very unproductive on a weekend that I had time to be productive.  But then.... today came.  Good 'ol Tuesday.  A good recovery-after-a-Monday-day. Today, my book came!  So, tonight I will cast on for my Flyingdales.

And today, during naptime, I worked on my afghan square.
However, I did run into some snags with one of the charts.  I didn't seem to have enough stitches but I counted them and I did.  Then I looked at the chart and counted the squares - right above where it says "26 sts" across.... and there were 24.  Go ahead and count them if you like.  I looked at the pattern to see if I was missing some stitches that I was supposed to add in addition to the chart but no, not the case.  Then I looked at the chart on the original pattern.  Aha. I had copied the chart to blow it up since the one in the book was miniscule.  I thought to myself when I copied it, "Wow, I just nearly got the whole chart when I copied it."  I just needed to add the numbers down the left side.  Well, what I really did was get the whole chart, minus exactly two columns. The copy didn't even make a half a column to clue me in. Der.  At any rate, since it was Tuesday and not Monday, I didn't let it bother me and I'm on my way now.

And soon, but not today, I will get the hang of the Harumi pattern and get that unfinished thing done in time to wear it for spring.  I hope.  It's cotton, so maybe on a cool summer night too....that would give me some extra time.

So, Houston, we're back on track.  Next post:  a book review and two little easy as pie (but they aren't pie) recipes!


  1. Oh my - frustrating week :( !!! Maybe you need another vaca LOL ... Still, I love your vest stitch and can't wait to see it blocked :) - I remember you said the stitch would look different after blocking . BTW JUST STARTED "Ferris Beach" ( on your recommendation ) and so far liking it - especially the font it's typed in ...nice and black..easy to read ! :)

  2. things have to get better after this! waiting for knitting things in the mail (painful) and having the wrong yarn on top of complicating patterns (more pain) yikes!! so when I got to the park about the afghan square, I thought ok...these are a piece of cake so some good ol non-painful knitting happened, WRONG! glad you got that one figured out..I am blaming the whole mess on the time change...... but the meadowlark looks so nice! cant wait to see a photo of you wearing it!
    here's to a great WEEK!

  3. Hopefully you are on the right track now, I have to get to the store more often maybe run into you, are you teaching any sock classes, thought I might make socks long over due for my husband. Reading Jodi Picoult's new book Storyteller, very good so far.
    Hope to see you soon