Monday, March 18, 2013

No words

The other day I had to take a 19 month old's word for it.....without any words.  It is a daily struggle to prevent one toddler from taking the other's toy.  I'm usually on top of it, intervening to teach them that they can't do this and how to wait their turn.  Or decide when it's time to share and play with it together.  Even when I'm giving them some independent play time and I'm knitting or checking email, I usually see what's happening out of the corner of my eye.  The other day, though, I dropped the ball.

Benjamin and Michaela were playing while I sat on the couch and checked my email.  Suddenly, it got very quiet.  I looked up and both Benjamin and Michaela were looking at me: Benjamin holding a toy; Michaela frozen, reaching for it.  This was clearly an Auntie-Liz-will-be-the-one-to-say-who-gets-it situation.  Since they are not talking yet, aside from a few words here and there, no one could rationally explain to me who was playing with it and who took it or, more likely, who wanted it but couldn't have it.  But I wasn't looking when it happened!  So I said, "Who had it first?"  Michaela put both hands on her chest indicating herself and looking very hopeful.  I said, "Benjamin, give it back." And he did.  Hopefully, Michaela really did have it first (she is usually the taking culprit).  But, I took her "word" for it this time.  The days of words are coming fast, though, and I hope I'm ready!

In St. Patrick's Day News:
We went out to breakfast and this is what I got:
This was called Lazy Leprechan's Benedict.  White toast, bacon, over-medium eggs and green hollandaise.  It. Was. Yummy.

Then, since St. Patrick's Day is alot about eating, I put corned beef in the crock pot with onion, red pepper flakes, beef broth and worcestershire sauce:
Ugh.  That's a pretty unappetizing picture.  My food stying could certainly use some help.  But it was also yummy, with roasted potatoes.

On to Knitting News:
Lots of progress on my Bloody Mary Cardigan!
Isn't it pretty? That is 15", on my way to 22" before I need to do something at the armholes.  I love it. 
I also worked on my afghan square:
....also coming along nicely.

I'll be back to working on my Meadowlark vest today - I got carried away with excitement about finally finding a cardigan pattern. 

And, finally, in the aftermath of all my recent knitting stumbling blocks, an appropriate quote:
Fall seven times, stand up eight.
-Japanese Proverb

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  1. Very nice, sweater is coming along, lovely I love it and The afghan square is just beautiful