Friday, October 28, 2011

The Chalk Line

In case no one noticed, it snowed for the first time yesterday.  Already.  In October.  Now, up here in these here parts, we live "above the chalk line".  Living below and above the chalk line is the difference between this:
(Down in town - at the beginning of The Hill)

And this:
(two miles up The Hill)

Both pictures taken this morning!  About one mile up The Hill, there is an imaginary line (the "chalk line").  One minute you are driving in rain or a little wet snow, with wet roads.  You pass the line and immediately it is full-on snow and snow covered road. It's a little weird because it is that drastic.  Not around a bend or a gradual change.  Just an immediate change.  Fun in a true snow storm, let me tell you.

Remember this picture from yesterday's post?
Check it out now:

So, Mandy and I had a nice, post-snow morning walk around the yard today:

 (Hoping to find the bunny that left those tracks...)

 (pretty pink sky!)

 (How can you not love snow when you look at how much fun she has?)

OK, the NEXT post will be the book review....


  1. I LOVE TODAYS BLOG!!! Great photos along with terrific descriptive verbiage ! :0))))

  2. Love this story and all the photos. Gorgeous photo of Mandy.