Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NY State Sheep and Wool Festival re-cap

We had such a nice time in Rhinebeck for the Sheep and Wool Festival!  Sunday was a gorgeous day - perfect for festival-ing.  But first, on Saturday, Paul and I took the looooooong way down in order to enjoy the scenic views.  It was a nice ride and we got to Everready Diner just in time to meet "the girls" (see below for a picture of them) for dinner.

Sunday morning, we got to the fairgrounds bright and early and still met a crowd waiting to get in:

We made a beeline to The Spinning Room booth before things got too crowded, so I could get a picture of "the girls":
And here they are again, with Yvette showing the back of her shirt:
Hers and Joan's said "Shop Girl", Deirdre's said "Owner Girl" and Deirdre's mom Joan's said "Mom".  Very cute!  Deirdre and her mom are both wearing hats made from the very popular Pagewood Farms yarn that has felted flowers already in it.  More very cute!

Then off we went in search of food, fiber and fsheep (see that?...trying to keep the alliteration going...).  Food was aplenty as always.  I got to the artichoke booth early this time and we didn't have to wait for the deep fried artichokes:
Very tasty and next time I will try the "French" ones, with butter, olive oil, garlic and parmesean.....
And Paul had chili cheese fries:
He is so patient.  Every time he goes to eat something I say, "Wait!  let me get my camera to take a picture for the blog."  And he does.

I was terribly disappointed by the fried dough....
Much greasier than usual (if you can imagine that).  AND it was a windy day so the sugar got all over me (you can see it in the picture.)  Then there was kettle corn and italian bread to take home.  

Enough of the food....We also browsed all the booths and stalls....

I purchased a skein of the Periwinkle Sheep Rhinebeck 2011 colorway - a very pretty periwinkle; and a sock yarn called Nightfall, which starts out pink, then goes into a patterning with pink and gray, then becomes all gray.   Hard to describe how cool it looks until I knit it up.

We saw lots of Spinning Room friends too.  All in all it was a great day.

Then look what came TODAY!!!
Yay!  Haven't even looked at it yet.  I'm saving it up until I get all my chores done so I can relax and look through it.  And cook something from it.

Stay tuned for a racing post!

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  1. The Beekman Boys are on the cover of Green Door Magazine this month. I saw it as I walked inside Barnes & Noble in Niskayuna. Never heard of the mag before but when I spotted it on Sunday I knew you'd be interested, Liz.

    Those artichokes! Wow! And the Nightfall yarn - double wow!