Monday, October 3, 2011

Warm Heart

This past Friday, we had a "Coming and Going" type party at The Spinning Room.  It was a way for customers to welcome Deirdre as the new owner of the shop and to say good-bye to me (as the owner --- otherwise, I'll be back teaching classes and participating in the knit-in's and knit-a-longs!).  In these past two months since taking over, Deirdre has been working her tush off and it really shows.  The shop looks great, having undergone some physical changes as well as lots of great new yarns coming in. She's implemented some great ideas and picked some great patterns for the knit-a-longs. And, if that wasn't enough, she's getting ready for the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, which is a feat in and of itself!  She's got lots of enthusiasm for the shop -- all while holding down another job.

During the party, Yvette made a little speech about Deirdre realizing her dream of purchasing a yarn shop and sending me off to follow whatever dream I have next.  Then she said the customers had been busy getting something together for me.   They made me close my eyes while they got it out.  I heard all kinds of ooh's and ahh's before I could open my eyes. Here is what they were ooh-ing and ahh-ing about:

ISN'T THAT AWESOME?????   SOOOOOO GREAT???? SOOOO THOUGHTFUL???? SOOOO WONDERFUL?????  They have been working on it SINCE MAY and I had no idea at all.  They laughed as they told me all the times they were passing squares to Yvette (who was collecting them all) right under my nose.  Or right in front of me, but I just had no clue.  Like the one that was stuck in a book to give to Yvette.

I can't tell you how much it warmed my heart to get this friendship quilt.  It made me feel so appreciated and also so lucky to have them all in my life and, while it was time to move on from yarn shop ownership for me, I'm happy that I'm able to continue seeing them and knitting with them. 

There are some very personalized squares, like the one from Libby that says "Liz Rocks" (hee hee!!!) and has some wonderful embroidery on it (and shows how far she has come with her knitting).  And the one from Alison, that is just like her (bright and vibrant and colorful).  And the one from Karen that has a purse (she's called The Bag Lady).  And the one from Sue that looks like the knitted monster I made.  And the one from Joan that says "TRUE" (her last name!).  And the one from Mary Kate that has knitted flowers (one of them with The Spinning Room signature colorway I had Karin at The Periwinkle Sheep create).  And the one from Yvette that has cables which she made because I was the one who taught her to knit cables.  And the one from Janell with a dog paw on it (because we share a love of my dog and her grand-dogs).  And so many more!!!! (I know I didn't mention them all but I don't know yet, who made them all... and this post will be 80 years long if I keep going.)

I can't thank everyone enough for the time and thoughtfulness that went into this.  Not only warmed my heart, but will literally keep me warm, and remembering, for years to come!
I just love it.  LOVE. IT.

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