Friday, December 14, 2012

All knitting all the time

I've done hardly anything else but knit for the past week and a half! But, I've got another pair of socks done:
And I'm making my way through the next (and last!):
And my mom reminded me that I didn't post the completed picture of my nightfall socks - the ones for which I wasn't thrilled how the gradual pattern was working out.  So here they are:
She got them for her birthday!

On my list for this weekend, since those socks will be done fairly soon, is to look for the still-not-found-already-started project.  Also, I have one last gift to buy and all my shopping shopping is done!

Ooh - and I've started the holiday decorating!

Speaking of my mom, she is coming to visit this weekend so watch out - the next post will be crazy! Hee hee.


  1. have fun this weekend!! I am loving those nightfall socks...and all your latest socks with the different color for the toe/heel, keep up the St. Anthony prayer
    LV. K

  2. Lizzy, I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. my gradual pattern socks !!! YAY :0) XXXOOO ... Me

  3. The socks came out beautifully, you will find that lost project I just know it. Mantle looks great.