Tuesday, December 11, 2012


There are some perks to not being able to sleep and getting up early and having a cup of tea....

.... on the day that Paul got up very early (after going to be very late) to work on painting his friend's car:

Now, what is wrong with this picture?....
Fire burning.  Door and window open wide.  We're heating the whole neighborhood.  Just like our parents told us we shouldn't do.  Our garage is attached to our house, which is where the painting is going on, and the fumes are horrendous.  Even my very strong smelling pine candle wouldn't mask it.  Thank goodness he's done now, and will be on to the next phase -- sanding and buffing.  See what an education you get on this blog????  Now you know some of what's involved in painting a car!

And what's wrong with this picture?:
(What the heck with the sideways business again???  Takes up a lot of blog space...)  Ok, so it's not the whole picture, since I don't want to ruin a surprise.  I sent away for a picture on Shutterfly and had this caption put on it.  Needless to say, I re-ordered, and got my grammar correct.  Good thing I was planning ahead.

Meanwhile, I've got Christmas-baking-on-the-brain.  I found this recipe for Campfire Bars on the Cookies and Cups blog and was dying to make it so I went out and got the ingredients that day.
So, so, so easy!  Just dump the graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate chips, granola and brown sugar in a bowl...
Add a stick of melted butter, mix, put in a pan and put in the oven for 15 minutes....
Cool completely before cutting.....
 They look like a mess, in the pan and when you cut them, but they are very yummy! (and, be warned, very sweet)

The recipe is from this book which I'm dying to get because it's just a cool idea:
Not only can you make desserts in jars, there are recipes for giving dessert mixes in jars.  Like these Camfire  Bars - you put all the ingredients in a mason jar with a pretty cloth topper and instructions for baking, and wa-la a cool little gift!  How cool is that?  (click up there if you want to get one - a really good price for a nice gift!)  Ok, commercial over.

On to knitting!  Finished these for someone unnamed:
Only took me two days!

Also finished this, which you aren't getting to see until it's given, but I thought you'd want to know it was done:
I'm feeling much better about the status of my Christmas knitting mostly because it looks like I'll have more time to find and finish the as-yet-un-found-already-started project.  Or start and finish a new one.

I was helping a knitting student at the yarn shop this past weekend and telling her about the lost project.  She said the St. Anthony prayer for me to help me find it.  Then she said, "Actually, we are supposed to say it together, so it will really work."  So I, being not very religious, had to be taught the words, and then we said it together.  Then she said, "Ok, if you find it you have to give me a dollar.  I'm match it and then give it to my mother, who will match mine, and then donate it to her church."   Sounded good to me.   I'm optimistic.


  1. This whole post made me smile Lizzy...... Nanny used to say that St. Anthony prayer all the time.... it works! Chris

  2. beautiful picture of the sunrise, your house is beautiful the floors are so shiny, mine could use a buffing.
    That dessert looks yummy, will have to try it.
    Socks are done, perfect! Mine cowl is almost done, just 4 more rows, thank you again for helping me.
    Did you find that project yet?

  3. I only noticed the fire roaring and the shiny wood floors - beautiful ! ..couldn't smell a thing !!!
    I LOVE those two- toned socks you're making for you - know - "whos " ...hahaha!
    I'd LOVE to wake up to those views ..especially if I'm smelling some of the goodies you've been cooking - maybe this weekend ;) !!! XO ....me

  4. BTW ...it's "me" again..... The "St. Anthony prayer" is useless as blowing out candles on a cake and making a wish - can't believe the myth now includes $$$...Oh my. You'll find your project :). XO me

    1. The money is just something she and her mother do, as a fun way to donate to her church.