Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We are very sad.
Mandy died today after a very sudden, very quick illness.  I knew her for 11 of her 14 years (longer than I've known Paul!).    She was so very sweet and we will miss her a lot.


  1. so sorry Liz and Paul. I can only imagine how you must feel. Our beloved pets become so much more than just four legged animals, they become such a huge part of our families. Just know that she had a wonderful full life and has begun her journey over the rainbow bridge to be reunited with all the other furbabies who have traveled before her. She's a puppy again, just close your eyes and you will see her running and playing like never before. Forever in your heart, she will never truly leave you.

  2. What a beautiful girl! Liz, I am so deeply sorry for your loss! You are in my thoughts...

  3. I WILL KEEP REMEMBERING KEEPING COMPANY WITH "MANDRA " ( my funny nickname for sweet MANDY) while recuperating on her territory for five months ... She saw me lazing around on the couch a lot of that time - never did I ever see her even "think" about getting up on That couch !!! THEN, the day I was leaving, we spotted MANDY ON THAT COUCH, SPREAD OUT LUXURIATING JUST LIKE I HAD BEEN DOING - her head up on a pillow, relaxing !!! I will never forget that moment - it makes me grin....she was such a wonderful companion to you, Lizzy - you saved her from the streets of Hartford, so she also was soooooo fortunate that you brought her home to live with you :)...... I love you ........
    XXXOOO, Me

  4. Oooh Lizzzy I am so sorry to hear your great pal Mandy is gone. I remember when you first became her mother, she was sooooo wild. In your patient loving way you taught her manners and her wildness became a wonderful feistiness, and her gentle soul shone through. I know youare going to miss your beautiful dog and that Paul will too : I do love her tag on your tree, such a lovely way to keep her memory with you:))

  5. I am so sorry for your loss of your dear Mandy. She was so sweet. I loved seeing her at the shop - just a few times - but she made a big impression. It was always nice to "follow her" and Phoebe on your blog, too. She had a wonderful home with you and Paul.

  6. Liz I am so very sorry.
    Godspeed, Mandy
    Gentle hugs and healing prayers
    Sad Arhooooos,
    Sue, Tanner and Diamond

  7. Liz, I'M SO VERY SORRY, such a painful time for all of you. LV K

  8. I am very sorry for your loss and Paul's loss, pets are a huge part of our lives, I still miss my cat.
    I do love the ornament you got for the tree, beautiful.
    Special Memories Always In Our Hearts.


  9. I'm so sorry for your loss.