Saturday, December 29, 2012

Well, THAT sucked.

Last Saturday, to round out the awful week of losing Mandy, I got the stomach flu.  Got it from babysitting on Friday.  Before I could tell the doodlebugs' parents, they had already gone to Paul's mom's on Saturday to visit the rest of the family who came to visit for the holiday.  In the end, despite thinking some might, no one would escape the awfulness.  I was starting to feel better on Monday, Christmas Eve, but not great so we cancelled going to Connecticut to see my family.  Good thing, because early in the afternoon Paul got it which necessitated cancelling going to his mom's on Christmas day (which was fine since the bug was there by then, too).  This was our view from the couches on Christmas day....
It felt like Christmas didn't happen at all.  It was so strange not seeing my family as usual on Christmas Eve, and then not seeing Paul's family on Christmas day as usual.  I couldn't see anyone opening all those knitted things I was excited to give.  Couldn't enjoy the yummy baked goods and other goodies we usually have.  Couldn't eat too much yummy appetizers and dinner and feel sooooo full later (ok, maybe that wasn't too terrible not to have done....).  To top it all off, this week, after the non-Christmas, we had a big annoying 16 inches of snow snowstorm and then the vet bill came.  Oh my gosh, don't you want to keep reading????

So, before this goes down in history as the most negative, depressing post ever....

"Life always gives lemons, you can sit and suck on the lemon and complain how sour it is, or you can go make yourself a good glass of lemonade." ~Emily Pokoj

.....we are feeling much better and will have some Christmas spirit with a visit to my family this weekend and to Paul's family soon after.  We decided this would be the "Remember THAT Christmas?" Christmas and have a chuckle about it!  In the midst of the awfulness, it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and not feel like Christmas was ruined, but the most important thing is that, even though it won't be on the exact day, we will still have some quality family time.
Stay tuned for a regularly scheduled, non-negative, festivity-documenting, knitting and book reading post....

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