Monday, January 21, 2013

Back in the Saddle

I procrastinated all week.  I just didn't want to re-knit that whole mitt that I had knit wrongly.  I knitted ANYTHING else I could find.  Including the rest of my sock knit-a-long clue:
Coming along nicely, don't you think?

But finally, on Saturday night, I sat down to re-knit and get back in the saddle and in the knit-a-long race (which it isn't, really).  The next clue was coming out Sunday morning after all. So, by Sunday afternoon, I was back to where I should be.  Then, luckily, the next clue was short, so that got finished today!:
Front and back.  The left one is the one I re-knit --- with the eyelet pattern now in the right (and also correct) spot.  The mitts are almost finished!  The most recent clue had us finishing the top of the hands and thumbs.  Next clue will apparently be to address the provisional cast on. I. LOVE. THEM.  I wasn't too sure how they'd be -- I thought they might be too lacey-froofy --- but they aren't.  They are nice and fashionable and somewhat casual and I can't wait to wear them.  AND, i love the yarn I used -- Cascade 220 Sport Superwash -- so nice and soft and just wonderful to knit with (although a tad bit splitty).

In the meantime, while I was procrastinating getting the left one re-knit....  Paul's friend came to pick up his car - the one Paul was painting.
It matches his truck!
Know what's great about this?
Bye-bye Rob's car....

Hello GARAGE SPACE!!! I missed you so.....

In other fascinating news around here.... I got Phoebe a new bed. One that is deeper and sooooooo much cozier:
Apparently not.

And we are enjoying our winter view:

Next post:  A book review!  It's a good one too.....


  1. Beautiful!!

  2. The Downton Mitts are so pretty. A bit of lace for decoration but enough warmth for practicality.

    Wow, what a spiffy paint job by Paul!

    Cats - just when you think they want to be cozy by the heat , they decide they want to be up high and observe from the old bed. Phoebe is so cute!