Wednesday, January 16, 2013

...the behinder I get

Here is my progress on my Downton Abbey knit-a-long:
I made some great progress during naptime yesterday (my neice and nephew's, not mine). I'm not sure if I told you, but the knit-a-long clues have been for the right mitt.  Since I, and many others, like to do the other one at the same time, I started the left mitt too.  There is a "right" and "left", so there are some modifications to be made, for example where the thumb goes.  That there mitt on the right (the "right" mitt) is now knit with the thumb gusset complete!

I went to the left mitt to figure out what modification would need to me made to get the thumb in the correct place and when I turned the mitts over, this is what I saw:
These should be mirror images of each other.  They aren't! That there mitt on the right is the "right" mitt and is right (as in correct).  The "left" mitt is so terribly wrong.  The little patterned section is supposed to be way over on the right side of that left mitt, not in the middle.   Apparently, when I made that modification - the one where you place the little eyelet holes lengthwise along the underside of the mitt, where we will place some yarn/ribbon to cinch them up - I did it wrong.   BECAUSE.... when I read the knit-a-long discussion on Ravelry, the instructions said that for the left mitt, instead of doing the lacey bit at the end of needle 1, I should do it at the beginning of needle 3.  So, I went ahead and did at at the beginning of needle 1.  I'm so great at following instructions.

There is no fudging this one.  No way to hide it somehow or just keep going.   No saying, "No one will notice."  And so:
I'm behind again.  This project is currently in time out, thinking about what it's done.  I'm currently working on the sock knit-a-long and when I'm done with that clue - as long as I'm doing it correctly - I will pick it up again.  Hopefully to get it done in time for clue #3!


  1. WOW!!! The Downton Abby mitts are lovely - it's a better photo this time [top], so, I can see the pretty pattern.. xo,

  2. You will get there, I just know it
    Keep up the good knitting work!