Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Knitting Coordination

Check out this picture:

Notice anything?  The other day, after I had lined up my knit-a-long projects, Paul asked if I was trying to match my yarn to our plates.  I had no idea what he was talking about and then he pointed to the dining room.  Ha.  Guess I like those colors.

Have I ever told you about this most incredibly awesome kitchen gadget ever made?:
My pineapple corer-slicer
I. Love. This.  LOVE!  It's the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer (click there to get it on Amazon)  It makes the totally annoying task of preparing a pineapple so fast and easy.  Here's a closeup of the end that goes on the top of the pineapple:
Then you just twist it until it comes out the other end.
Then, while it's still on the thingamagig, I slice it from top to bottom all the way around, then dump it into a bowl and wa-la, perfect bite sized pieces.  Did I say... LOVE?!

In Knitting News:
So, I did get to finish one unfinished project.
Full disclosure: I had already counted it as done - back in April -when it wasn't quite done.  Why? Because of the "finishing" bit of sewing that needed to be done of course.  Took me 15 minutes to sew up the spiral.  Seems I'll never learn that some finishing just isn't that bad.  But buttons always will be.

I finished my Gelsomina wrist warmers:
Currently drying next to the fire.  Once it's done, I'll take a picture of it on my wrist.  They are very pretty and I like them.  However, they are slightly snug for my wrists.  I have stretched blocked them as much as I could and they are still snug on me.  They could be made a little bigger, but then the pattern wouldn't match up at the seam.  Some people would be bothered by that.  I wouldn't.  But I'm not making them again.

Knit-a-Long the first - the Downton Abbey one - started this past Sunday.  The first episode of season three was excellent.  love, Love, LOVE Violet the Dowager Countess.  She's got some real zingers.   We now know the project will be some fingerless gloves, based on the ones Violet wears to dinner parties.  Here is my first glove so far:
Provisional cast on and a rosebud lace pattern.  They apparently will go halfway to the elbow.  They also have an eyelet section on the backside the will have yarn run through so you can cinch them up and make ruching (gathers).  Not sure if they will be my style but it's fun anyway!  Each clue will come out on Sundays before the next episode.

In Book News:
Upped my 2013 Reading Challenge goal to 45 books.  At lunch with Paul I was telling him that I was shocked that I had read 13 in 4 months and he looked at me like I was nuts.  He said, "You are ALWAYS reading."  But all of a sudden I feel like the book I'm reading is taking me forever to get through!  Hopefully by my next post, I'll have a review of it for you....


  1. OK, just one thing. Please use the correct "voila", instead of "wa-la". It's a pet peeve of mine. The v is pronounced like a v - as in violet - NOT like a w. Makes me crazy. I'll get off my soap box now. And I love that your yarn matches your plates.

  2. Hi Liz,
    I don't think you will have a problem with your book reading challenge. I have been keeping track of the page count I have read for the last few years (because some books are really long) and I know I was surprised by the numbers. Over 19,000 the lowest year and over 35,000 for the highest. Please keep up with the book reviews it helps me find new books to read when I "run out".

  3. That is a great kitchen device, love that hat
    Can't wait to see the wrist warmers done on you
    and do you read while you knit?

    1. Don't read while I knit unless it's an audiobook and haven't had one of those in a while.... usually I'm trying to catch up with my podcasts when I'm listening to something though.

  4. Thats a great idea, thanks for sharing and sending me the link to get to your comment.
    Hope to see you soon

  5. Love the inadvertent yarn/decor coordination. Very pretty! Ha - I counted my Escargot as finished even though it isn't sewn yet. Must follow your lead and finally sew.