Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Yesterday morning started out like any other.  The alarm went off at 6:20.  Hit the snooze and waited for it to go off again at 6:29.  I was laying there, listening to the sounds of the morning.  Birds chirping, breeze blowing, sun rising.  Then I heard it.  The honking.  Not car honking.  Goose honking.  And I knew they were back.  These two Canadian geese come to the pond now and then.  At least, as far as I know it's now and then.  Who knows how often they come when we aren't home?

I do NOT want them hanging around our pond. First of all, no matter what, our sweet little mallard couple gets first preference because they are sweet and cute.   Second, these geese are too big for our pond.  They look comical swimming around in it because they are huge and our pond is not.  I don't want them getting comfortable and nesting there because they are so messy and not very nice.  It brings back memories of going to school at UCONN, where they had a small lake, called Mirror Lake, but it became known as Duck Poop Pond (ok, Poop was replaced with the s-word) because of the gazillion Canadian geese that lived there and the mess they made.  We couldn't even enjoy walking around the lake, or sit by it (or near it) because there was so much poop and it smelled.  I in no way want these two geese to go tell their friends that they found a great hangout spot.  Then they'd tell their friends, and they'd tell their friends etc.  So, whenever I see them I go running outside and make a bunch of noise to scare them away.  Usually, they have barely touched down when they are off and running flying again.

Back to yesterday morning....  This is how crazy I am:  I jumped out of bed barely awake, threw on my glasses, slipped on my crocs, ran downstairs, out the back door, still in my pj's, into the wet, just mowed lawn, waving my arms and "pshhhhhht"-ing them away.  They left, honking all the way.  I came back in and had to take my crocs off at the door because they were wet and covered in just mown grass.  I went back upstairs just as the snooze alarm went off. Crazypants. 

Let's just not talk about the fact that I have scared them away several times and they still come back, so it's highly likely that they don't give a darn that there is a crazy, pj-wearing, arm-waving, psssssht-ing woman running at them....

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