Saturday, May 11, 2013


We just had a wonderful couple of days back out in western New York at the Finger lakes.  The weather guy indicated it wasn't going to be great and the view on our way out was not encouraging:
But we were pleasantly surprised when, over the two days we were there, it only sprinkled a few times.  We were able to enjoy a walk along Seneca Lake: well as drive back up to Sodus Point and see Lake Ontario:

We were there this winter, too, and it looked like this:
On our way back home, we stopped in Skaneateles NY and saw Skaneateles Lake:
I know some of these may just look the same, but we love the water.  It's so relaxing just to be near it and to sit and look at it.

While in Skaneateles, we had lunch!
Mmmmm.  Fish sandwiches and onion rings at Doug's Fish Fry.  We were going to eat at a restaurant right on the lake, since it would give us a view.  However, we had to go buy something small at the bakery in order to get some quarters for the meter.  As we were going there we saw Doug's:
Yes, not only do they have fish fry-s, they have ice cream, but shocker of all shockers we didn't have any!
What I noticed pretty quickly was the sign above the door that had arrows and said "Food Line".  My first thought was, if they have to tell you where to line up, that means there is always a line, which means this must be the best place ever.  Since we were then afraid we were missing the best place ever, we abandoned our plan to eat with a view and went to Doug's.  We didn't regret it one bit.  It was so yummy.  And yes, in the picture, there is no line, because we were there very soon after they opened.  By the time we left, the place was packed and the line inside was getting long.
The rest of the ride home consisted of a stop at Patchwork Plus (the plus being YARN!).  I just couldn't resist getting a little:
I couldn't resist the Crofter DK which is a great self-fair-isle-ing yarn and good for kids' stuff.  Also found some laceweight Juniper Moon.  I never buy laceweight, but this just looked so nice and I loved the blue-y gray tones.  I'm not even sure what I'll make with it....
And I of course knit while I was riding in the car.  I worked on the doodlebug vest, doing the back decreases:
And I also worked on sleeve #2 of my Bloody Mary Cardigan:
This sweater is really coming along and I'm hoping to be on to the button band and collar soon.

I also finished a really really good book.  But I'll tell you about that in the next post....

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  1. beautiful what a nice ride that was