Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mmmmm.....Cinnamon Rolls

Oh. My. Gosh.  You have to try these:
Before baking. Argh - sideways!
After baking.  Apparently they flip right side up
after they are baked.
These are the  Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls 101 and They. Are. So. Good.  And surprisingly easy.  I made a few changes:  I didn't add maple flavoring or coffee to the frosting.  Just plain old vanilla extract.  I also halved the recipe and instead of making a few pans of 7 small rolls, made 12 big rolls in one pan, baked them at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.  Probably could have used a few more minutes since the middle ones were a touch under done.  But still.... soooooo yummy.

Also, anyone know what kind of bird this is?:
I realize you can't see it very well so I'll try to describe it.  There were two of them our there the other day.  They had a teal head which looked smooth at first, but at times got ruffled up like a cockatiel.  A magenta-ish neck area and a periwinkle body.  Just sitting there,  it's neck looks short but it stretches out when it's trying to eat something in the pond.  They moved around the edge of the pond  seemingly looking for food and occassionally swam in the pond.

After they left, another bird came that I couldn't get a picture of. It had a very skinny head and beak and a plume type thing on top (also kind of like a cockatiel and more mohawk-like).  It would dive down under the water for several seconds and come up somewhere else.

Any birders out there that know?

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