Friday, August 9, 2013


In my last post I may have lied.  Or exaggerated.  Unknowingly.  So, here are some clarifications.

I told you the last 11 rows of my Citron shawl would take 10 years to knit.  They didn't.  They only took 3 days - although each row felt like 10 years.  And I'm also clarifying that the rows were indeed 600+ stitches, but to be precise they were 738 stitches.  Seven.  Hundred.  Thirty.  Eight.  Knitting during naptime, tv time and even during National Night Out when we went to see The Refrigerators at Tawasentha Park:

Great cover band with a horn section.  Lots of fun!
As I was getting to this final section (on our car trip from Ohio), I had to make a decision based on the amount of yarn I had left.  Since we were in the car at the time, and I didn't have my scale, I had to eyeball it.  So I decided to end the next to last section (the one before the last 11 rows) two rows early.  Just in case.  Who knew if two little rows would make a difference, but it made me feel better.

So then it was on to the last 11 rows.  And I was getting seriously low on yarn.  So with two rows left - the one before the bind off, and then the bind off - I weighed my yarn, in case I needed to bind off right away.  I had 6 grams (out of 100grams) left.  Then I knit half a row and weighed it again.  I had 7 grams left.  ?????????  So much for weighing it.  At any rate, it appeared I'd have enough so I just kept knitting and all went well, with a little yarn left over. Probably enough for those two rows I cut out, but it would have been really close at the end and I'm glad I didn't have that aggravation.

Finally finished!:
Now I have to decide if I will block it.  It is meant to be ruched (sp?) and the edge is meant to be ruffle-y, so I don't want the blocking to un-ruche or un-ruffle anything. 
Next clarification:  I also told you that I'd be spinning up a skein of yarn to submit to the fair.  I even showed you my two bobbins resting and waiting to be plied.  And ply I did:
Looked great.  I was really happy with it.  I took it off the bobbin and tied it in two places like the submission instructions told me to. I was about to put it in the bath, when I realized I should weigh it and count my strands (to determine yardage) so I could write that down on the tag I'm supposed to submit with it.  The skeins are to be at least two ounces in weight and at least 40 yards in length. Can you see where this is going?
See that?  1 7/8 ounces.  And it was 38 yards.  AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!  No way to add on.  No time to start over.  No submission to the fair.  That's what I get for waiting until the last minute.
How about a cute "Look what we saw on our walk to the pond the other day" picture?


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  1. the spun yarn looks wonderful to me
    I'd give you a blue ribbon!