Thursday, August 15, 2013

Knitting. It's a Sickness.

Knitting.  It's a sickness.  It really can't be helped.  Here is some proof:

1) I bought these double pointed needles recently:
They are a new-to-me needle, metal tipped.  I finally remembered I had them, and tried them today. I. LOVE. THEM.   I already have many many many sets of double pointed needles.  And three other sets of size 1.  But tomorrow, I'm going to buy another set of size 1 of this type so I can knit both socks of the pair at one time. And I'll probably get some in other sizes even though I already have those other sizes.

I just can't help it.

2) And I'm also thinking of getting the interchangeable set of circular needles in this brand.
Guess how many sets of interchangeable needles I already have?:
Three. Plus a whole lot of individual circular needles in all the various sizes an interchangeable set (or three) has.  But......

I can't help it.

3) Spinning is a sickness too.  I bought some roving to take to my spinning bee.
But, then this was there too, so I bought it:

I just couldn't help it.

4) I have a lot of yarn:
There is more in the blue squares.  And on a shelf to
the left....and the right.
But The Spinning Room recently had a sale:
I just couldn't help it.

5) I have several projects started, in progress, not finished yet:
This is not all of them...
But I'm going to cast on for this one instead: pattern picture
...probably tonight after I re-do the bind off of my Cozy wrap which I finished last night but the bind off was too tight and which I will show you in the next post (or the one after that) after I block it.

And I'll  probably cast on  this which I was obsessing about recently but I have to find beads for: pattern picture
I just can't help it.

See?  A sickness.  I CAN'T HELP IT.


  1. I organized all my needles--I have 28 sets of size 2 DPN--only I don't use 2s, I use 3s--I could open a store with size 7s--my go to for worsted projects--What size beads do you need and color?? You never know if there are some sitting around here....................joan

  2. Twenty-eight???? Wow. I thought I was bad with 6 sets of 2's. And now I'm moving to 1's for socks. I believe it's size 6 and I was going to do clear beads. If you have some I'll buy them from you! Thanks Joan!

  3. Great blog post!
    I think your updated craft room needs a post of it's own - we've seen glimpses. It would fun to tour the whole makeover!

  4. Gald you liked the post Libby! Yes, a post about the updated craft room is coming. I have two small pieces to complete it - craft table and area rug. Once those are done, I'll do a post about it!