Monday, August 19, 2013

Knitting and Spinning : Fair Ribbons!

Yay!  Ribbons!  While they aren't first place (far from it in some cases), I still had fun and love the idea of it.
 As always, after seeing all the beautiful knitted items in the case at the fair, I'm overwhelmed with, "I-want-to-knit-that-and-that-and-that-and-that.  Now."  This year, I didn't knit something with the specific idea of entering it in the fair.  I have all kinds of ideas for next year, though.  Already planning...
The Spinning Bee was lots of fun as always.  For those who don't know, the spinning bee is a 30 minute contest to see who can spin the longest continuous thread of yarn.

It takes place just inside the Sheep Barn:
Here we are getting ready:
Yes, we take our shoes off.  Easier to work
the treadles...
I tied for fourth place, having spun 72 yards.  In this contest, tying for fourth was also tying for LAST.  Not many people were entered...  Still, tons of fun.  And again, makes me want to spin all the wool.  Now.

Ready for the riveting video that Deirdre, the owner of The Spinning Room yarn shop took for me?:
(Did this take a long time to load on your computer? If so, I'm sorry....still new to the put-a-video-in-the-blog thing.)

The woman who won the contest spun 208 yards - almost triple my yardage!  She is an excellent spinner and here is what she has on her wheel:
So cool.  I'm sure if I had that, I would spin faster.  Or better.  Or something. (Or more).

Edited to add: 
Oh my gosh!  How could I forget?????  Paul made me this great cart so I could bring my chair and my wheel easily to the fair.  It started with this:
The he added some wood and nuts and bolts:
And now I have a most excellent cart!:
After using it, we have determined it needs bigger wheels, so a revision/start-over may be in the future.  I'm so glad I have a resourceful husband who had all this stuff hanging around.  And thanks to my friend, Lisa, for the $1 thrift store cart find!


  1. Excellent!!!!
    Looks like you had alot of fun, great video

  2. Congrats on the ribbons! The cart is wonderful!