Friday, February 8, 2013

A Yarn Accident and Upside Downton Abbey

Remember in my last post how I said I was going to work on an unfinished project?  Well...... I had a yarn accident at Knit Picks which may derail that plan.
But it really wasn't my fault.  They were having a kit sale.  So I couldn't resist these arm/hand warmers in the pretty "Ocean" colorway.  I figured that this was good, though, because there are 10 balls of yarn and I will only need a little bit of each color for these mitts, which means I could make more mitts or I could use the yarn for another project, like a cool multicolored hat or cowl or socks or whatever.  There.  I totally justified adding 10 more balls of yarn to my already-out-of-control stash.

Also, I was watching Sesame Street with Benjamin and Michaela the other day - actually, they had gotten bored after about 10 minutes of the show and were off playing with other things - and this little skit came on:  Upside Downton Abbey!

Very cute.  Loved that they kept the music and the opening logo the same.  And Lady Violet sounded just like the one on the show!

Just before snowmageddon arrives, I got Phoebe to the vet for a checkup.  She was not happy about it at all.  She complained the whole way to the vet. BUT, she is a very healthy 15 1/2 year old cat - with the teeth and eyes of a 5 year old!  I think the experience exhausted her as she made not one peep on the way home.  She's been recuperating from being poked and prodded and nail clipped in front of the fire ever since:


  1. I wonder if Maggie Smith has seen Upside Downton - Lady violet sounds just like her, so, wonder if she had something to do with this LOL !...very cute !!!
    Phoebe's never look so sarine OMG! ..and her fur is looking luxurious-did she have a grooming session too ? Hey! Maybe she lost a bit of weight mourning for Mandy :( ...hmmmmm.

  2. Knit Picks - gorgeous kits! Jimmy Fallon's late night show has done some very funny Downton Abbey spoofs.
    Love Phoebe - so adorable - how cute that she decompresses by the fireplace after her vet visit. Glad to hear she's in fine health - good news!
    I have a special soft spot for gray cats (and orange, and brown tigers, and -well - any cat that owned me). My cat can't wait to get back in the dreaded cat carrier when we're at the vet. Rarely a peep on the way home, either.