Friday, February 1, 2013

Garage Time

Do you know that saying, "It's going to get worse before it gets better"?
Remember "my" car-to-drive-around-once-it-gets fixed up that got purchased recently?
The one without the you-know-what?:
You'd think it could only get better from here right?

Well, take a look at it now:
What the heck??????  According to my resident car-restorer husband, "This is why I wanted this particular car.  It doesn't need any body work." [Really????? None???]   "It's only about a month away from being in primer."  Which means, it will be all back together with the primer coat of paint on it.  REALLY?????

And as a side note, today as we were discussing plans for our Saturday - mine being "go to the yarn shop for the knit-a-long", his being "go in the garage" - he happened to mention that if I wanted to help him in the garage, I could.  Since it's "my" car.  That I didn't have any inkling that I wanted.  But which will be really cool to drive around in if it happened to get fixed up and was available for me to drive.  Hmmmm.  I'll think about it.

In Knitting News:
I finished two projects for upcoming classes that I will teach at The Spinning Room.
Project the first: Little Coffee Bean Cardigan (click there for the FREE pattern)
Oh my gosh - so, So, SO cute, right???? Easy, easy, easy!  A great first-time-knitting-a-sweater pattern.  Took me four days to knit.  While I was also working on....

Project B: The Trousseau Shawl
Here it is pre-blocked:

 And being blocked with my blocking wires:
What a difference once it's pinned out!  I was surprised to find that this pattern was actually very easy.  The repeats within the rows are easy to memorize and the stitch patterns are not difficult.  Even when it got up to 326 stitches per row.  
This one took me 10 days.  Which means, between these two projects, I didn't do any other knitting and now I am REALLY behind on my knit-a-longs.  The 4th clue for the mystery socks just came out and I haven't even started the 3rd clue yet.  And I haven't started the 4th clue for the Downton mitts and the fifth clue is coming out in two days.  And no more progress on the afghan square.  One more class project sample to make - a little tiny thing that hopefully will be done tonight and you'll see in the next blog post - and then I can attempt to catch up.  That garage time is looking less and less likely....

Phoebe is too comfy to even offer to help me:


  1. Great job! I'd skip the helping with the car, but thats me
    Beautiful sweater and shawl!

  2. Such a beautiful shawl, Lizzy ! ... don't know how you do it - you're an artist :) .. the baby sweater is A-dorable LOL :)
    BTW I [strongly] agree with "anonymous" above .. you KNOW it's not your car, so, go with the knitting, READING, cleanning and cooking AND NANNYING omg!!! **Car man needs an AUTOMOTIVE INTERN ! **
    Kisses to Phoebe xxxxx...

  3. Hi Lizzie--Love the coffee bean but you already knew it!! And the shawl is breathtaking!!! Don't work on car--your time is well spent on knitting!!! joan