Thursday, February 7, 2013

One Day Vacation

Last weekend we went on a one day vacation to one of our favorite spots, Geneva, NY.  We stay at a hotel on Seneca Lake and this time we had a great view!
Late afternoon....

We took advantage of their mid-winter overnight package deal and got this too:
Mmmmmm.  Wine and chocolate.
On our way there, we detoured up to Sodus Point and Lake Ontario.   Also, some VERY pretty views:

It was a nice day and a beautiful drive and when we got home we felt like we had been away for longer than a day.  You can't ask for more than that out of a one day vacation!

Was there knitting in the car, you ask?  Yes!  On the way home.  We took the scenic route on the way there, so there was so much to look at that I didn't knit.  But on the way home we took the boring speedy thruway, so I knit away.

I knit almost a whole afghan square (#20 in the Great American Afghan pattern book) on the ride home:
And the night before, while watching American Pickers at the hotel, I finished my first afghan square (#3):
Ooh, these pictures are terrible. Doesn't do the colors justice.  Daytime photos next time...
I also worked on my mystery socks but didn't get a picture yet.  I'm almost caught up with the clues.  the next one comes out tomorrow and I hope I'll be caught up by then.  After that, I am going to pick up one of my languishing unfinished projects.  Honest. I'm heading to the crap craft room right now to figure out which one...
Actually, I may have to wait until after snowmageddon.  Batten down the hatches everyone!

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  1. Thank you Lizzy!!! I LOVE to armchair travel - honest :)
    That area of the world is very beautiful ..... I think Kathy's family [some of them] still live up there. I'll have to check-may be wrong. BTW how was the wine ? {name ?}...
    The afghan squares patterns are beautious !