Monday, February 11, 2013

Warm Warm Warm

WARM fire, WARM cat, WARM knitting.  Perfect for the day after a snowstorm!

We only got about 10 inches from storm Nemo, which is a pretty normal snowstorm for us.  We did still have to do some digging out and plowing of course.
Good thing Paul has 8,000 of those car part things to weigh down the back of the plowjeep!  I think there are more in the garage somewhere.
And yet again, some beautiful snowy views:

Speaking of staying warm..... Knitting news:
I actually brought out and finished an unfinished project!  Yay!  Someone give me a medal.  This is my Tudor Henley that I started almost 3 years ago.  February 28, 2010 to be exact (you can thank for my exactness)
I had to attach the sleeves and knit three rows for the neck/buttonband.  The only issue is, to be perfectly honest, that it was going to fit me back when I started it, but it doesn't really fit me now.  Hence, no picture of me wearing it.  Hopefully that will change with my new health regimen!

Also, I am making progress on my April Showers Mystery Socks:
Front of sock with, from bottom,
flowers, umbrellas and rain

Back of sock with lightning .
 Next come clouds with some beaded embellishment.  These are the most interesting socks I have ever made.  It's been fun to see how it will evolve, since we didn't know what it would look like in the beginning.  The pattern is not the same for long, so it really keeps you interested.  When they are done, there will be better/more clear pictures to show you.

Now I'm in a dilemma of what project to start next.  Or finish.  I'm dying to start an aran cabled sweater with yarn I got at Rhinebeck, but haven't settled on a pattern yet.  Or these really cool - but warm - lined Fiddlehead Mittens. Decisions!

Speaking of staying warm again.... Book News! (reading under a cozy blanket):
I finished Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and really enjoyed it.

The story starts off in 1962 Italy with a young innkeeper who gets to know a young actress over the course of a couple of days.  Then the story jumps to present day America with an older Italian man who is looking for the actress he met fifty years before.  From there we learn what happens back in 1962 and then the years in between - for these two but also many others that touch their lives, as they all navigate the complexities of their lives while also trying to pursue their dreams.  While I really enjoyed the story, I had somewhat of a hard time keeping track of the story when it jumped back and forth in time - in addition to a few chapters that didn't seem to fit into either timeframe.  This through me off and aggravated me a couple of times, but not enough to stop reading.  It really is a nice story!

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  1. Based on your review, I might try " Beautiful Ruins" ..thanks! Soooooo many books t o read, so little time it seems ..that's a good thing since we'll probably never run out ! LOL..
    YOUR "mystery socks are beauteous !!!! Grat yarn choice for all the different patterns - it's about time I finish a pare!!!! Will you loan out the pattern ? ;)
    BTW DO YOU get to plow ? Looks like Fun Fun Fun - way more Fun then working in the garage on "your car" hehehehehehe !