Monday, February 4, 2013

Chocolate is awesome. The end.

Saturday was the Great American Afghan square knit-a-long day at The Spinning Room yarn shop, so I thought I'd make a treat to bring with me.
Dark chocolate cupcakes with a raspberry glaze.... Mmmmmm

My sister-in-law Anita gave me this gourmet cupcake mix for Christmas (thanks again, Anita!), along with some fancy cupcake paper cups and signs....
I made the mini cupcakes since I was sharing with so many, so didn't use the cups this time.  The cake mix indicated that it made 12 regular cupcakes or 24 mini cupcakes.  I filled my mini cupcake pans right up to the rim.......

.....and still had some batter leftover.  Maybe for one or two more.  So, I ate that while I waited for the oven to heat up.   What?  That's not bad.  Those calories don't count if it's not cooked yet and especially if there are raw eggs in it.  At any rate, I baked them and then I glazed them and then I brought them and then we ate them.  Chocolate is awesome.  The end.

Just kidding. I wanted to show you a picture or two of my shawl once it was off the blocking wires...
My Saturday Night Fever Stayin' Alive pose...
....and my creative attach-it-to-the-window shot.
I also finished my Downton Abbey Knit-a-Long mitts!

love, Love, LOVE them!  In case I haven't said it enough --- I love the yarn I used.  Cascade 220 Sport Superwash.  While a tad bit splitty, it is just so nice to work with and I love how it feels knit up and I love these mitts so much I want to sleep in them.

And finally, here is the last tiny project I was making as a sample for an upcoming class:
A Bunny Nugget! (click there for the FREE pattern) Cute, no?  Here's the back:
I made that pom pom with a fork.  Yes, a FORK!  I love learning new things.  

Stay tuned for more knitting progress and some pics from our one day vacation...


  1. Hi Lizzy :).. Those Downton Abby mitts are perfect! LOVE the detail work !!! Is the color black or dark gray, or ?. Are you going to send a photo to the " family at DOWNTON ? I'm waiting for winter on the serial to see if anyone in the family is warring them - very exciting :)
    Those cupcakes look and sound scrumptious ...can you make another batch for this weekend ??? Please please please :)
    Your shawl belongs in an art museum - honest !

  2. Beautiful shawl, very nice Downton Abby gloves and the bunny is so cute. Love cupcakes any and every!
    Nice job!
    Reading Gone Girl and loving it only on the 7th chapter, don't want to put it down, enjoying it so much.

  3. The cupcakes look scrumptious. I like the idea of a raspberry glaze. The Trousseau Shawl is so beautiful andI love the size of it.
    The mitts are so pretty and the rosebud motif is lovely. The Bunny Nuggets are so clever - you find such great patterns!