Thursday, September 22, 2011


This may not be your kind of "FINALLY!" but it's certainly mine:
It took 8 YEARS for Mandy and Phoebe to lay this close to each other.  AND on the same pillow.  Grant it, I made Mandy "go lay down"  (which means, go lay on your pillow) when she was in trouble for barking at the chimney guys.  But, normally she would go over to her pillow, see Phoebe laying there, look all uncertain, and then go lay down a couple of feet away.  This time she just went and plopped right down like she normally might, just not right in the middle (probably because she was mad that she couldn't keep barking at the chimney guys).  And Phoebe didn't get up and run away!  Aren't they so cute????

Backstory:  Phoebe is 14 years old and I got her as a kitten.  Mandy came into the picture at age 3, when Phoebe was 6.  Phoebe lived upstairs for almost a whole year after Mandy came, only coming downstairs in the middle of the night or when Mandy was in her crate.  I always wanted them to be buddies and see Phoebe curled up with Mandy.  Ha!  She has only slowly come to "accept" Mandy and will even walk under her legs and let Mandy sniff her, but only a little.  This was big progress!

And speaking of the chimney, here is a progress pic:
I'm told they will be done by the end of tomorrow (Friday)....two whole days behind.


  1. YEAH !!!!!! I love it 0)))


  2. It's great that you were there to see it and could take the photo. Mandy and Phoebe are so adorable in the photo. I understand your 'victory' with your pets. Something similar occurred with my cats.