Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Yummy Treat for the Knit-in

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Now on to the treats.... I love to bake and cook, but can't have all of the goodies lingering around the house.  Especially these days when I'm on a new exercise/healthy eating kick.  So, what better place to share my baked goods than at the Wednesday night knit-in at The Spinning Room?  I follow several foodie-type blogs and one of them is Cookies & Cups.  A couple of weeks ago, I found this recipe there: Melted Ice Cream Cake. (click there to see the recipe) O.M.G.  It's the best thing ever....
Basically, you take a regular box cake mix and make it as directed, but substitute one melted pint of ice cream for the water it calls for.  Then drizzle it with a glaze and then whatever else.  In this case, I used chocolate fudge cake mix with chocolate ice cream.  Then I drizzled it with the glaze and caramel sauce.  I made it last week for a family get together and used a yellow cake mix, Hagen Daaz Dulce de Leche ice cream (caramel flavored) and the same glaze and caramel drizzle.  You can use any combination of cake mix and ice cream.  I thought white cake mix with strawberry ice cream might be yummy.  Ooh, and don't forget the whipped cream which makes it that much yummier.

At the knit-in, here were the comments:  "Mmmmmmm."   "Oh my gosh."  "You can't ever bring this here again."

It's been a new thing for me to just sit and knit at the knit-ins.  I've had a little trouble focusing because I've been so busy chatting and I haven't gotten much knitting done! Last night I got two buttons sewn on (I'll show you on what in the next post!) and two rows knitted on something else.  And those rows were only 4 stitches!  I'm sure that will change as time goes on.  Well, maybe it won't.  I can be pretty chatty.

Let me know here in the comments if you try it and what cake/ice cream you use.  Enjoy!
Ok, one last picture to show you the yummy pool of caramel in the middle...

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