Monday, September 12, 2011

Wicked Good Time

What a wicked good weekend!   Remember when we used that word all the time?????  Like, in the 80's?

Saturday, Paul and I went to Brimfield, MA to the huge antiques show there.  We try to go at least once every year (the show is one week each month of May, July and Sept) and find something we never knew we wanted/needed.

The themes of the day (meaning we saw them everywhere) were:
1) Columbia bicycles....
2) These light thingy-s....
3) And lockers.....
They were everywhere.  Go figure.... lockers??????

Oh, and I couldn't help but take a picture of this metal chicken:
It reminded me of a blog post by The Blogess (a link to her blog is on my blog list to the right): which is incredibly hilarious.  (Please note:  her post - and often, her blog in general- has some explicit language, so if you are sensitive to that, don't click there.)

As usual, our main goal was to look around until 11am when we could go get lunch and beat the crowds.  Paul got his usual Pilgrim Sandwich (Thankgiving on a roll) and I got my usual falafel (with lettuce, tomato, hot peppers and tahini). Mmmmmmmm.....
Good thing we got the Pilgrim sandwich when we did because here was the line a little bit later (at least 25 people!):

And of course we had to get our usual dose of kettle corn.  I'm addicted to it.   Seriously.

The last, irresistible treat of the day were these wonderfully warm and cinnamon-sugary donuts from "Faddy's Donuts" (ugh - that name!  Makes one feel guilty about eating them don't you think?), made right in front of our eyes.

They came out of the oil, onto a conveyor belt, fell right into a bowl of cinnamon and sugar and the got popped right into our bag.  Oh. My. Gosh. Warm. Donuts.

What did we buy in the way of non-food items you ask? ........


We couldn't find anything we didn't know we wanted.  The things we did find, were quite expensive and way over our budget even if we tried to talk them down.  I was tempted to get one of the Columbia bicycles, simply because they are really cool and 50's/60's-ish, but the what-the-heck-are-you-going-to-do-with-it voice in my head won out.

From there, Paul made his way back to NY and I made my way south to Connecticut to visit my mom. [I must insert here that since I was planning to drive to CT after Brimfield to go visitin', Paul stayed out past dark the night before to wash my car!  He wanted it to look nice.  Very sweet.]  My mom made the most delicious veal francaise for dinner, and then we hung out and watched the food channel. (and ate kettle corn)  I don't get the food channel at my house, so anytime I'm somewhere that has this channel, I watch it constantly. Then I miss it when I get home.

On Sunday, I met up with three friends from Connecticut and we went out to brunch and to see the musical "Wicked" at The Bushnell in Hartford  (ah, NOW the title of the post becomes clear and not really out of left field as you thought).
What a wonderful show!!  I just love (love, Love, LOVE) musicals and this was terrific.  The songs were great, the story was great and it was VERY funny.  Loved.  It.

And when we came out of the theater, we saw this:
A nice remembrance for 9/11.

It was a great time - I haven't seen my friends in about two years so it was great to catch up in person rather than on email or facebook.  When I lived in CT, we made a point to go out for dinner once a month to catch up.  Now, I've moved away, they each have two kids and I had a yarn shop, so it was a little more difficult to stay in touch.  And now I've got the musical bug!  I heard that Jersey Boys is coming to Proctor's in Schenectady and I'd love to see it!


  1. Two things:

    1 - can't believe you didn't get a chicken
    2- I also love musicals…I'm just saying

  2. Love the blog and like that you include lots of photos. "Wicked" was great - saw it at Proctor's. The food! You're making me soooo hungry.