Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A new blog!

A new blog!  I so much enjoyed my blog when I owned my yarn shop, that I decided to continue with my own blog here in non-shop-ownership life.   I had such a hard time deciding what to name the blog.  At this point, I don't have a major thing defining my life (such as a yarn shop) and in fact, I'm a little bit in limbo.  So, I decided to just name it Lizy Tish which is the nickname my mom had for me when I was little.  She also called me Punkin Pie (actually pronounced "pah", as you might say in the south) but that just seemed silly.  Lizy Tish certainly isn't silly.

There will still be lots of knitting stuff since I just love it and since I'll be teaching classes at the shop. But, there will also be other things like cooking, baking, books, drag racing (yes, drag racing, but not by me.....yet) and miscellaneous other things that I get myself into.  Oh, and finding a job.  Blech.

But first was Labor Day weekend and the trip Paul and I took to Old Forge, New York to the Old Forge Hardware store.  (Forgot to take a picture of it - gotta get back in the i-have-a-blog-so-i-need-to-take-a-picture-of-everything-mode)  What a great place that has everything, including a little yarn shop inside!

And down the street from there was this yarn shop:
 Of course, purchases were made in both places!

And as we were driving out of town, we saw this:
 A sign for Mercer's ice cream.  My maiden name is Mercer!  And I LOVE ice cream!  It was fate, although it was too early so they weren't open for us to buy some.

Old Forge is a little more than 2 hours north of here and there were signs of fall already:

Then, it was Sunday.  And if it's Sunday of Labor Day weekend, it's MUSCLEPALOOZA at Lebanon Valley Dragway!  I was ready, with my team shirt:
 Ok, so I'm the only one with a shirt (Paul doesn't even have one!).  But still, the spirit is there and we're working on getting these shirts made with a team name that incorporates Paul and his racing buddy Rob. Stay tuned -  they may be ready by the time we go on our racing trip to Maryland later this month.

I was also ready with my knitting, which fit nicely in my comfy chair with my cold beverage at hand:

Here is Rob's dad Ray's chair, which I thought was pretty neat since it has a little table on one side and a cooler on the other.  And it all folds up nice and neat!:
While it would be terribly practical for knitting (forget the "cooler", it's a yarn bag!), it's not as comfy as mine, and that wins out for me.

Then is was racing time.  Here is Paul getting ready (on the right):

And going down the track:
 That's him under the red numbered sign, through all the burnout smoke....mmmmmm, burned rubber. Blech.  As an aside, Paul LOVES the smell of burned rubber  (reminds him of good times at the track).  Did you know they make a candle that smells like burned rubber? Blech.

Look what Rob has to do to get his car off his trailer:
 Take the door off!

Then there was a rain delay:

And then:
Paul was out in the 3rd round.  :(

Lots of knitting getting done, but that will be in the next post....
So, welcome to my new blog.  I hope you like it.  Or love it.  If you love it, click the "love.it." button below!

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