Friday, September 9, 2011

The last jewels of the season

As I was making Paul's lunch this morning (Yes, I make my husband's lunch.  Every day.  Deal with it and call me June Cleaver.)....I realized this may be the last good batch of cherries of the season:
 When cherries are in season I buy tons and tons of them.  There's nothing like cherries in season.  This last batch is yummy, but you can tell they are on the way out.  So, we'll savor them!  And that berry bowl - where did I get it you ask?  My mom made it for me!!!!  She is a very talented potter. So pretty isn't it?

And while I was taking a picture of the cherries, I took one of the beautiful lavender on the deck:
I love, Love, LOVE the smell of lavender.  Does anyone know how to dry it?  Pluck the little flower buds?  The little leaves smell too - do you pick those?

So, I know you've been dying to know what I've been knitting.  I finished the adorable Aviatrix baby hat to teach in a class (which started last night):
Malabrigo Worsted (100% merino wool)--- before you say "wool? for a baby? isn't it too itchy?"  NO! Merino wool is soooooooo soft.  And it's so warm, which is what the little doodlebugs need.  This one will go to my new niece Michaela and I'm working on another for her twin brother Benjamin.

So, speaking of Malabrigo.....

I also just finished my Leaflet Cardi.  (free pattern!) This was originally meant to be short sleeved but I made it 3/4 sleeved.  love. Love. LOVE this yarn and this sweater is going to be so cozy.

I also recently finished the Pavement reversible cable scarf by Jared Flood, also to teach in a class later this month:
Made with Cascade Eco Cloud (70% merino, 30% alpaca)

The first session of this class filled up very quickly so I scheduled a second one which is also filling up!  

AND I made a Pretty Twisted wristlet to possibly teach as a last minute gift for the holdiays class:
Made with Periwinkle Sheep (that's a link to her blog - Karin is a local dyer and sells her yarns at local yarn shops including The Spinning Room) Watercolors sock yarn (leftover from my BFF socks that I made for Chrissy!) and it only used a few grams.

What am I knitting now? My friend Jana and I are both knitting this:
Isn't that so cool? It is the Dahlia Cardigan from the new Interweave KNITS.  It starts with the lace panel, in the middle of the back.   Here I am on round 17:

Whew, that's it for knitting.  Just so you know, I'll probably be posting fairly often in the beginning.  I've got a lot to say after not blogging for a month!  I'll be doing a little tweaking of the format (link colors etc) so bear with me if things look different every time you visit.  Please feel free to leave comments to let me know how you like it...


  1. Dahlia is beautiful and it will be stunning in the Silky Wool - an instant heirloom!