Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Yarn-y Obsession

My mom and I had a nice visit on Friday and Saturday!  And it contributed to my next yarn-y obsession....

I've been reading the Attic 24 blog for some time after my cousin's wife told me about it.  Lucy, the Attic 24 blogger, is a crocheter and makes the most beautifully colorful things.  I'm a novice crocheter, and usually tend toward knitted patterns since I'm often confused by crochet patterns.  But Lucy's blog is so inspiring and has made me want to make what she makes.  So, I've become obsessed with making a ripple blanket:
This is Lucy's couch.  How wonderfully cozy and
colorful is that?????
My mom also reads the blog and loved these bunnies and owls that Lucy made:

My mom has known how to crochet for a long time and has recently been looking into some basic patterns to get her back into the swing of crocheting.  So, my visit to her was well-timed and we worked on some crocheting together!  I brought some of my scrap yarn to test out Lucy's Neat Ripple Pattern.  After a few beginning struggles with getting the first stitches into my foundation chain, I came up with a pretty good test swatch:
Then it was on to researching what kind of yarn to use and how much I might need.... and I got lost in cyberspace for a while.  More on the results of this another time.

And my mom got a great swatch for a scarf she wants to make:
That gray yarn in the upper left corner is the yarn she will use for the scarf!

Of course I also did a little knitting.  You've already seen my LightSpeed progress, but here it is when I was working on it at my mom's:
Yup. More yarn barf.  Since you are supposed to knit until half your yarn is left, I weighed it before I went to my mom's and then wound out a ball of yarn so I would know when to stop.  Then that turned into barf as I was working with it.  UGH.  More untangling.  But, as you saw in the last post, I got past it and moved right along into the next color.  It's coming along nicely but now I'm worried I didn't weigh it correctly and that I'll run out of my navy blue yarn.....

All that, along with yummy wood fired pizza and caesar salad from Da Capo and it made for a fun couple of days with my mom!

And, oh my gosh I'm watching the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network and she is making these Salted Caramel Brownies.  Mmmmmmmm.  Those might have to be in my kitchen soon....

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